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Referring’ to the Sirian collaborators, there is a major irony that the zealots of Sirius-B linked to the Hale-Bopp complex, which are very determined to frame a mass-landing’ maybe this motivated ’cause the reptilians and greys attack almost constantly several allied subterranean colonies located in this galactic sector.

The Sirians serve the so-called “Superior Masters” from within the Hale-Bopp complex, without knowin’ that the “Ashtar” hierarchy previously infiltrated among Orionites, Dracos, and greys.
(The same way, some sources considered that  ‘s secret service infiltrated the soviet spy centers, while Vladimir Fedorovsky revealed that was a soviet agent…)

And, the same way, the “Jesuit lodge” supported by the Orionites infiltrated the “masonic lodge” supported by the Sirians, through the “Scottish masonic rite”.
Just as Sirians were fooled to join the plans of the Hale-Bopp orionites, the same way the masons joined the Jesuits, in the “Bilderberg society”.

See, just as I was tryin’ to express the “holographic fractal system” of this f*ckin’ mind-game…


Accordin’ to the esotheryk writer Vasile Lovinescu, the cult of the
Great Mother is one of the most ancient cults ever, spread before the 4th
millenium b.C.
The researchers of the Britanyk Institute of Ankara discovered in
Chatal Huyuk, among other remnants of a temple 7th millenium b.C. old, a fresco
representin’ images of bees and honey combs (the symbol of the “primordyal
In the middle of the Mediterranean Sea there’ s the isle of Malta;
durin’ anient times, it was called Melytta, which means “the bee” – center of
a pre-historykal cult.
The delphyk clergyman’ s wifes were called “Melissai”, meanin’ “honey
bees” (the name of the “moon godess”).
“The moon is a behive and her bees are the stars.”
Plutarh, a priest in Delphi, said that the “delphyk oracle’ was
inspired by night and by moon.
The tripedal stool of the “delphyk oracle” was beehive-shapped.
Kybele, the mother of gods, was surrounded by bees – therefore she was
a “queen of the bees”.
The Delphy Omphalos” was the hub of the universe and the navel of the
“Great Mother”, the place where Python was born. ( ! )
The first king of Athenes, Erechteus, was half-snake, while his wife
was “the queen of the bees”.
Rhea, mother of Zeus, was in older times a “queen of the bees”. Zeus
got raised by the nymphos Adrateya and Io, daughters of Melisseus, “the
A bee came on Platon’ s leaps, as a new-born-child.
The bee is the symbol of a priesthood-bloodline and also of a “saint
The bees were established to Artemis, sister of Phoebus- Apollo.
Artemis of Efes’ symbol was the bee.
There’ s a dacyk inscription in Apullum, actual Alba-Iulia (Romania),
where Dyana is named “mellifyka”.
The name of the old pharaos was ” King of the Bees”. The bee was the
“Great Mother of the Northern Egypt.

The Wicca worships an old godess, the Mother Godess, while several
branches worship a male horned-god of huntin’  and of death, too (who’ s got
nothin’ in common with Satan, old story… We’ ll get back to it, I
The image of the witch was always very inconstant. The concept of the
“devlish witch” was elaborated step-by-step by the “church institution”,
durin’ the Middle Ages, while tryin’ to get the power in Europe, by
improvisin’ somewhere in between superstition an fear…
The image of the Mother Godess, ambyvalent by itself, came from the
mythologems of the godess found in Greece and septentryonal Europe located on
a certain scale side-barin’ to the witch image.
In the origins of the mythologem, the godess was seen as a “paradox”.
Durin’ the sumerian empire, the godess became the predomynant
mythologykal form, meanin’ the spaceand the time, while the principle of comin’ in
and goin’ out any form of life. She was presidin’ the endlesscycle of the
born and death…
Her names and functions were mingled.
In Egypt, she got involved in the myth of the creation and she was
identified with the godess named Nut, then with Isis – Nut’ s daughter, who
did magyckal to preserve her life seein’ that her husband and brother,
In Sumer, she was named Inanna and Ereschkygal, and then in Babylon she
was Ishtar and Tyamat ; in Canaan, she became Astarteea and Anat.
A major changin’ affected the image of the “godess”.
Durin’ the IVth century b.C., the south deserts were invaded by the
semithyk trybes, the invaders (greeks and “arryans”) tryin’ to destroy the
conception of the harmony natural stuff, favorable to the initial “godess
The invaders changed the pantheon with their own gods – Jehovah and
The babilonyan legend of Marduk and Tiamat refelects the changin’ of
the “godess’ image durin’ the mentioned mithologykal period. Tiamat,
previously worshipped as the mother of all gods, suddenly became a menace for the
whole world, as a dragon or as a giant fish followed by all kinds of
As a result of the council of the male gods (kept in the “skyes”), the
Sun-god Marduk assumed the mission to counterstrike “the godess” (by now
seen as “a principle of evil”).
Marduk blew an hurricane in her throw and, after she blown up, he came
up with a new universe made by parts of her body. There are a lot of
legends reflectin’ the fight of Marduk with Tiamat in the semithyk Near East
The “revizyonistykal” version of the godess mythologem – in which she’
s either distroyed either playin’ a second-hand role – survived durin’ the
biblykal and “homerykal” myths of Greece and Rome.
A version of this kind of “godess” is Lilith, closely linked to the
myth of Creation. Through the mythologykal characters comin’ from the image
of the Mother Godess, Lilith became the queen of the she-demons (they were
“stealin’ the “seed” of males durin’ sleep, and rapin’ new-born-childs and
kids – just follow the research of Jean Sider, will ya ?).

The semithyk “incarnations” of the “weared down” “godess” weren’ t like
that. An even more subtle alteration of the myth became from the
infiltratin’ of a male entity, figurin’ several aspect of the “male” : father, son,
or even “lover” of the “Mother Godess”.
The sumerian-akkadyan god of spring and fertility, Tarmuz son and
husband of Ishtar (the egyptian shit again, I’ m so tired of it…), is the
perfekt example.
He’ s the same as Dummuzi, counterpart of Inanna, and also corespondin’
to the cannanyte god of fertility – Baal ( ! ), husband of Anat.
Such sumbre aspekts of the degenerated cult were more obvious in
Greece, where the cult of the “godess” came from the Crete and Cypress cults.
Jane Ellen Harrison quoted misteryous cult elements in Greece comin’ from
pre-homeryk mythology (it wasn’ t about the “Mother Godess” comin’ from the
older Mesopothamy, but a powerfull restless anxietyin’ godess).
Most of the homeryk godesses were manifestin’ a scarry behaviour,
except Afrodyta and Athena. They were equited to a snake.
The process of distortionin’ the image of “the godess” emerged in the
greek and roman mithology.
When Meduza got killed by Perseus, Athene involved by permittin’
Asklepyos to get some blood of her body : the left part blood served in killin’
her enemies, while the right part blood got used to cure and to reborn the
Hekate, the queen of “the other land”, godess of magick and changes,
could get the “target” into madness by reflectin’ in the subject’ s mind
terrible visions.
All times, Hecate’ s  name was associated to witches and “black magyck”
followers – she’ s the “queen of horror”.
A classic archetype of the witch is Circe, daughter of Helios – Sun
god. The legend of Medeea, grand-daughter of Circe goes the same way (she’ s
more “evil”, diseminatin’ unhappynes and revengin’ against any againster).
Medeea was the daughter of the king from Colhida, and she got in love
with Jason, the legendary hero.
The godess of the moon, Artemis for greeks and Diana for romans, was
closely side-bared to the witch image. Artemis-Diana was a godess of
fertility, chastity and huntin’. Always lonely, she was rejectin’ all of her’ s
askin’-in-marriage guys.
Diana was gifted wuth the capacity of cahangin’ her form and charakter.
She’ s associated to the warlocks.
In the northern Europe, the witch reunions were guarded and ruled by
Holda, wife of Wotan. In different regions, she was named Holle or “the Hoff
Woman” and she was assimilated to Freyja. Others were calin’ her Bertha or
Perchta, godess of huntin’ .
Holda was the germanyk equivalent of the moon godess Diana/ Artemis,
closely linked to the “walkiryies” – the nordyk warrior virigins.
In Scandinavya, the equivalent of Holda was Freyja, from the class of
“Vanes”. Freyja was the queen of the “kingdom of dead”, she was able to
change her appearance/ form. The nordyk legends performs her as flyin’ (in a
wagon pulled by cats – Sachmet remnants ? – while an unbelievable sound
was emergin’).


The memoirs of Rameau and those of mme. de Gergy place the alchemyst
“comte of Saint -Germain” in 1710 Venice (he seemed 50 years old). he was
born in 1660 and he was 100 years old in 1758, acoordin’ to the marquise.
From 1737 to 172, saint-Germain got guested by the shah of Persya.
In 1745, France Walpole was writen to Mann (domicyled in Florence) :
“Yesterday a man was seen a curious man who lives known as the nakme of
“comte of Saint-Germain”. He’ s in London about two years.”
In 1749 it arrived in Paris, invited by the marshal of Belle-Isle, who
introduced the … thing  to the court of Versailles.
In 1760, London Chronicle published an interestin’ article referin’ to
the count of Saint-Germain.
In 1780, the editor Walsh of London was publishin’ the music for violin
composed by Saint-Germain.
The registers of Eckenford, Germany, contain the follwin’ minute: “
Deceased on 27th of february,burried on the 2nd of march 1784, the so-known as
comte of Saint-Germain and Weldon, of whom there’s no other onformations
and who’ s been burried in the church of our town.”
A year later, the misteryous character may be found durin’ a masonyk
reunion. “Freimaner Bruderschaft in Frankreich” was notin’ : “Among the
freemasons invited at the great conference of Wilhelmsbad of the 15th february
of 1785 we found Saint-Germain and Saint-Marti, among many other guests.”
Stephanie-Felicite, comtess of Genlis (1746-1830) mentions in her
“Memoires” that she met “the comte” in 1821st Vienne. (Accordin’ to the maths,
“the comte” was then 161 years old!)
In “Memoires of Vienne”, Franz Graffer noted a sayin’ of Saint-Germain :
“Tomorrow night I’ ll be goin’, I’ ll leave from Europe while I’ ll go to

“The godess” and “saint-germain” / “nyarlathotep” news are available
courtesy of the romanian researcher Dan Adrian Olaru – “From sorcery to the
paranormal” (aren’ t these romanians somethin’ … else ?).


“The aura” structure of the human bein’ includes three categoryes of
First category involves the “individuality”: the spirit, the “spirit’ s
cover”, the “causal body” and the “ghost/spirit body”.
The second category involves the elements performin’ “the personality”:
the soul, meanin’ “the star of the soul”, “the causal body of the soul”,
“the soul’ s body”, “the counsciousness’ body” and “the constient body”.
The third category involves the “materyal body” and “the auryk derived
structures”; “the emotyonal body”, “the astral body”, “the mental body”

The most important activity of the “luciferyk beings” is to tempt the
humans while they’ re livin’ wuthin the “materyal body”, with the purpose
to bring ’em down – energetikally, that is…
The final meanin’ of the “against attitude” of the “dark-eyes ones”
(“luciferyk beings”) is the destroyin’ of the humans, ’cause they considere
it was better before humans’ appearance on the “cosmykal stage”…

Durin’ the “phisykal death”, durin’ few moments, the phisykal body
dies, then  the “derived auryk bodies” dissapear (the third category of “auryk
structures, that is…) ; all “derived auryk bodies” – emotyonal, astral,
mental – get absorbed within the “soul body” through “the chakras”, this
way the “soul body” becomin’ for a few, authonomykal.
In these moments of authonomy, the ontykal center is in the “soul body”
( just as, durin’ the “phisykal life” was centered in the “matheryal
Right after this, the informational energyes of the timelife get
transfered from the “soul body” to the “ghost body” – which is he real storer of
the “life experience”.
While the “entity” continue to “live” in the “astral level”, the “soul
body” ‘ s endin’ its existence. Then, the “soul body” dies, disolutin’
easely in the “etherykal world”.
The stealin’ of the “soul body” by the “luciferyk beings” is extremely
rapid, while the “soul body” is authonomykal and the informational content
is still not absorbed in the “ghost body” – in fact, the “luciferyk
beings” take the “energetykal double” of the human entity (the informationally
modulated energyes cumulated durin’ “the whole life” of the human.
It’ s like the human didn’ t even live anymore, or livin’ in vain…
“The luciferyk beings” get toward the 2nd gate, steal the soul of the
human-target, by stealin’ the energetykal-informational content, and get
back “out-there” through “the second gate”. Some human beings are taken “in
full” (meanin’ the “ghost body”, too) and got into their “cuantyk levels”
– that kind of humans are the “luciferyk humans”, who  deliberately choose
“the dark way”.


Accordin’ to Florin Gheorghita, “the causal body” is the “vehicle-body”
of the soul, as a keeper of all the”causes” a human entity made by
himself, life after life.
“The mental plane” (Manas) is divided in “the inferior Manas” and
“superior Manas”. The “superior Manas” is known as “the causal level”.
The “lowest level” of the “causal plane” is the level where most of the
actual humans “go after death”.

“The Divine light” from within the “human bein’ ” is named in the
ancient India, in “Upahyshad”, as “the individualised self” or as “the eternal
Son” – “Atman” (in all brahmanyk writings). The Sammkya school named this
“Divine part” as “purusha” (“the True Self”).
This “Divine spiritual substance” represents the highest level of
“vibration frequency” and can’ t get totally in “informational relations” with
lower vibratory frequency levels, these “lower vibin’ environments” can’ t
be beared by the “more fine vibin’ entityes”.
This is why “The Creatot Intelligence” came up with a wonderfull
combinin’ of “favorable ontykal conditions” with the purpose to help the
universal process of enlargin’ the capacityes of all “true selfs” emitted from
the “Divine level/ sphere”.
The Divine conceived 7 “evolution fields”, which must get totally
known, by direct experymentation, through cycles of “up-and-down” evolution.
Here they are :
– Adi plane = level of the manifestation of the “Divine Logos” (the
“true selfs” come from here);
– Anupadaka plane = level of stationin’ and then evolution of the “true
– Atma plane = level of final perfectionin’ of “the human ego”;
– Buddhi plane = level where “the human souls” develope their own
intuitional capacityes and wisdom;
– Manas plane = level of development of the rational and ideatyk
– Kama plane = level of development of the sensibility of perceptions,
’till the “emotional states of mind”;
– Sthula plane = of development of the manifestations in the “mineral
Before leavin’ the “Adi plane”, “parts of counsciousness” get “dressed”
in a very fine protectin’ cover.

By the way : you should know that Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the leader
of the “Sahaja-yoga” school, is a descendant of the Shalivahan dinasty
(the most known dinasty of the Maharashtra state), who rised the Andhara

Also, the refferences  of the “Sahaja teachings” to Carl Gustav Jung
psychanalityk model reminded me that Jung was a jewish ethnyk, and a
follower of Sigmund Freud’ s vision (Freud was also a jewish ethnyk and a
Accordin’ to Levi-Strauss, a known esoterykal writer, there should be a
corelation between the “saints phenomena” and the dinamyk of the profane
world. The basic idea is “the communicatin’ vessels principle” : it’ s like
all kind of “sin ideas” rejected by the minds of saints manifest through
all kind of “sinners” who apply such vicious stuff, all arround this huge
f*ckin’ world we live in… Interestin’ , ain’ t it ?
As you noticed, it’ s a concept based on the Platon’ s “participation”,
meanin’ influences come from “high levels” of counsciousness, while other
kind of influences go, from the “low” level of “physikal”,up.
As you figured it out, the scam is that Jung accorded his version on
the “low”-to-“high” participation.
It is just a part of a longer strategy ment to “close the sky” –
Nietzsche claimed that “God is dead !”, Kierkegaard emphasized the signifiance
of the huma resposability in the Universe, makin’ the “sky” look “heavier”
than before etc.
Get my drift ?


Ioan Petru Culianu once wrote a chapter, in one of his books, entitled
“Society versus State”.
It’ s as simple as this : the individual give up some of his / her
libertyes, this way limitatin’ his / her TRUE FREEDOM, in change for several
“rights” and some kind of “protection” from the “state”.
But, when “the state” doesn’t make its part of the contract (‘ cause
its functionin’ is supposed to come from the people put there by the
“citizens”, and “politykal leaders” are also human beings -or, are they ? Have
you read dr. Richard Boylan’ s web-page “wiolawa” ? – and therefore
corruptible) then the individual is not supposed to accept the situation anymore.
It’ s not about money or ideologykal influence, it’s about pure power
(the influence of somebody over… somebody else, through all kind of
It only has the power over you the way you give that somethin’ any
credibility, you know…
“Crucified on noselves… (Pantera – Cemetary gates)
“Don’ t you believe it…” (Tom & Jerry)

I guess you heard about “Bumfight” – the movie.
The provider of that new entertainment style is only wantin’ to make
some extra-money, that’s for sure…
I also heard on the news lately about the emergin’ of a new phenomena
in USA : unknown attackers beat the shit out of the homeless bums… for

“All I wanna say is that they don’ t really care about us !…” (M.


Remember the violent reaction of Issa, when He demolished the counters
from inside the Temple ?
“Why do you all deal in within My Father’ s Temple ?!?”
As Radu Cinamar was sayin’ , the sentimental trade is the lowest low.
Do you know who Sabadyos is ? A tracyk god, representin’ GOD’S ANGER.
Get my drift ?!?

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