With a movie, a series of books, and over a decade worth of serialized television episodes under its belt, the topic of “Stargates” is definitely a point of interest to fans of science fiction, but are these portals to other worlds real? Or just clever works of fiction? Many people believe that the former is the truth and that stargates, both “natural” and man-made existed and still exist to this day. The devices theoretically function by harnessing wormholes in the space-time continuum as modes of travel. Wormholes, or Einstein-Rosen Bridges, are basically shortcuts between two point in space in time.

The most common way of explaining how they work is to imagine the universe as a two-dimensional piece of paper, then imagine two-point on opposite ends of the paper. Next, realize that the fastest way to connect the two-point isn’t by drawing a straight line, but is instead to fold the paper, or incorporate a third dimension, to shorten the distance between them. A wormhole is a portal through this third dimension that can connect two points that are a huge distance apart. Stargates are entrances and exits for such wormholes which have the power to render living things and matter into pulses of energy for transport (in theory, traveling through a wormhole would destroy any form of solid matter living or otherwise).

The earliest stargates are said to have been in ancient Sumeria (the cradle of civilization), and were created to help the “alien” inhabitants of the mythical planet Niburu travel to and from Earth (where they were mining gold) faster. A place known in ancient texts as “Enki’s Zigurrat” is believed to have housed one of the earliest stargates. Some theories believe that the Tower of Babel, later built on the same spot, was actually covering an attempt to use the stargate. Some conspiracy theorists even believe that the war in Iraq is about the United States’ attempts to secure this stargate and keep it out of evil hands. Other stargates are believed to exist in places like Peru, but are thought to be buried under years and years of neglect and time. Some people also believe that modern societies have figure out stargate technology and used to to create there own to travel both to points on the earth, and to points outside our galaxy.


With no definitive evidence as to whether stargates exist, the topic, and it’s mysteries, will go unsolved. However, if wormholes exist in theory than is it that far fetched to think we could someday harness their energy? The movie Contact (1997) starring Jodie Foster, written by the great astronomer and science fiction writer Carl Sagan, is based on this very idea. Sometimes science fiction becomes reality. The aliens, if they are here or have been, would definitely know something about these technologies or else they wouldn’t have made it here.

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