This amazing image shows what appears to be a partial ‘Stonehenge’ arrangement of large upright boulders near a large valley formed by the erosion of water millions of years ago on Mars.

This formation is located approximately 6 degrees S latitude, 357.5 W longitude. North is approximately toward the top of the image. This circular area lies on the edge of an ancient river.

The natural barrier to the right of the standing formation may have protected the boulders from inundation by the otherwise destructive water that may have been moving to the right from this bend in the ancient river.

Note the alignment of the radial feature with the strange complex to the northwest, and also to the dark mark in the shallow area to the southeast. Could this be a landing approach beacon of some type or an astronomical observatory?

One important question to answer is what direction was the ancient North on Mars before the cataclysm?


2X enlargement

This next image shows the central area more closely.

The linear feature, as well as the unusual complex to the northeast and southwest, can be seen.

Other boulders that may have been scattered by a large surge of water are nearby.

Then there is the triangular feature at about 8:30…

4X enlargement


Stonehenge Today


Early Stonehenge


Later Stonehenge


Miami Circle


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