Many seasons ago, when all the animals lived together and speak the same tongue. Sometimes the same animal lives in the same lodge.

Coyote and Grey Fox live together with the same cave. Each day, get up, go out and hunt. But not hunt together. Each has own hunting grounds.

Each feeds well. Sometimes bring back the gift of food for the other. All is happy. Then the white giant of the north blew the cold wind. Bear go sleep. Sun low in the sky. Winter comes. Snow. Cold.

Each day, Grey Fox, Coyote get up. Go hunt. Not many animals. Winter. Hard find food. Come home. Neither have food.

Next day ..same. Next day .. same. Next day .. same. Grey Fox, Coyote get weak and tired.
One day Grey Fox go further in woods. See tracks. Hmm!.. Strange tracks, not animal tracks. Hmm.. look close. Man tracks. Ahh.. and dog track and two straight track. He follow tracks carefully.

In distance he see hunter with dog and travois. He can smell fresh kill meat. He go through thicket into woods. Run ahead. As hunter with travois pass by Grey Fox sneak out and on sled is fresh meat. He steal some and eat. Hmm! .. He feel much strong. He run ahead again and steal haunch of deer from sled and carry back to cave.

There Coyote back from hunting too. Coyote have nothing. Tired and weak. Grey Fox says, “Brother , do not worry. I have brought you food.” “Hah”, Coyote say. “Ohh, ’tis deer. Where you find this?”

Grey Fox say, “My hunting ground. Not tell you.”

They eat food but all time Coyote think: “Hmm.. Grey Fox lie. Not tell me where he hunt food.”

Again the next day both get up. and go hunt. Grey Fox run straight to path. Same time hunter come along path. Grey Fox wait. Smell. Fresh kill meat. Sneak out, grab meat from sled. Run off. Eat. Get strong. Run ahead. Wait hunter. Run out, grab meat. Ooh .. small rabbit. Take back to cave.

Coyote come home. Tired. Hungry. No food for Coyote anywhere he hunt. Grey Fox say: “Coyote, do not worry Brother. I have brought you food.”

Coyote say: “Thank you Brother.” And think: Where he get this food. ‘Tis winter. Hmm.. There’s not many animals. Great hunter Grey Fox, or great liar. I think he keep something from me. “Where you get food?”

Grey Fox say: “My hunting ground. I cannot tell.”

Coyote say: “You tell. You tell. You are not hunting it. What are you doing?”

He say: “I hunt. I hunt. But I not tell.”

They go to sleep not talking. Get up in morning.

Grey Fox run out. Go Same path and wait for hunter.. Hunter come past. Grey Fox run. Sneak out. Grab food. Fish. Humph. Not like fish. Many bones. But he eat. Get strong. Run ahead. Sneak out. Grab food. Take back to cave.

Coyote come home to lair. No good hunting.

Grey Fox say: “No you worry Brother. I have brought you food.”

Coyote say: “Ugh. Fish. Too many bones.”

Grey Fox say: “I bring you food! You not grateful? You eat.”

Coyote say: “Brother I am grateful but how you catch fish?”

Grey Fox say: ” have my way.

“Where you catch fish?”

“Not tell. My hunting ground.”

Coyote say: You tell me Grey Fox. I do not believe you. Where you get all this food? I go out hunting. No animals. No fish. Streams frozen hmm? Where you get food?”
Grey Fox say: “Brother, we fight over food? We live together many seasons. Now we fight over food?”

Coyote say: “I am sorry Brother. But you tell me!”

Grey Fox say: “OK, I tell you. Hm mm. I steal from hunter.”

Coyote say: “Ohh. You clever, Grey Fox.”

Grey Fox say: “I not clever. I steal. May be not good to steal. But I bring back. We share.”

Coyote say: “I should take turn. You tell me where hunter is. You go out all day. You take great risk. Steal food from hunter. Only fair I take my turn.”

Grey Fox think and think and say: “You are right Brother. I will tell you and you can have your turn.”

So he told him of the path and where the hunter passes. And the next morning Coyote went to the path. He wait. And as the hunter came past with the dog and the travois .. with fresh killed game on sled, Coyote sneak out to grab meat.

Humph .. meat tied down. Humph. Cannot get. Humph .. pull again.

Hunter feel the tugging on the bundle and turn around and beat Coyote with a stick. “You .. you .. You’re the one who been stealing my food. You .. you .. you ..”

He beat Coyote heavily about head. All over body. Coyote go yelping off down path. Yelp yelp yelp yelp yelp .. back to lair.

Grey Fox come in. Coyote angry and sore and say: “Grey Fox .. What kind of trick you pull on me? You send me down there and hunter beat me and beat me and beat me.”

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Grey Fox look at Coyote and say: “Hmm.. you must have taken wrong path.”

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