From the most advanced civilization on Earth, on the verge of the 21st century, we travel to the most ancient civilization known to humankind, 3500 BC Sumer

Sumer, or Sumeria, as it is sometimes referred to, is located in the Middle East, in present-day Iraq. Researching Sumer can be quite elusive, as it is identified by many different names; Babylonia, Mesopotamia, Mitanni, Elam, Edom, Eden, Akkad, and Assyria, just to name a few.

For our researches, we refer to; Samuel Noah Cramer, Edmond I. Gordon, and foremost of all, Zecharia Sitchin’s works for archeological and historical information pertaining to Sumer.

We have arrived here in Sumer on our Quest for answers concerning “Alien” contact.


Zecharia Sitchin’s, five-volume “Earth Chronicles” series, provides an easy to understand theory concerning the translation of more than 50,000 clay tablets that document the existence of the Sumerian civilization.

One of the most significant pieces of information concerns the Anunnaki, beings that lived among the Sumerians. The information from the tablet translations by Sitchin, identify the Anunnaki as the creators of homo sapiens. The information indicates that we humans, homo sapiens, are a product of advanced genetic engineering performed by the Anunnaki.

In addition to this information, many ancient mysteries are explored using Sumerian tablet information. As the earliest written record, they contain the basis for many myths, legends, and stories, told through any number of later sources. As an example, Bible stories like The Creation Story, The Great Flood, and The Tower of Babel, find their origins here in the Sumerian tablets. These and many more mysteries from around the world are explored and explained through Sitchin’s works.


Impressions on clay tablets were the chief form of writing and scribing in Sumer. The earliest forms of extensive written Sumerian records date from 3300 BC. Much earlier pictograph forms, dating to 8700 BC, are far rarer but do exist.

The Sumerian language went through several revisions, eventually ending up in its final Classic Cuneiform design.  We understand that the Anunnaki “spoke” a language of their own,

Anunnakian and that the early pictographs drawn by homo sapiens were the first attempts to document this language. Subsequent alterations of the pictographs, rotating them, then using several strokes of the stylus, eventually produced the final Cuneiform script. Was this an attempt to recreate the written Anunnakian language as witnessed by these early scribes?

We personally find it quite interesting that the words Anunnakian and Enochian sound so much alike, and that the Cuneiform designs look very similar to the “Enochian”, Angelic language documented by Jon Dee in the late 16th century. (Figure 5) The ramifications of this may be more apparent as you view our Occult section a bit further along in our pages.


*** Special note for our Occult friends out there. ***

Look at the first Sumerian character in the upper left corner of pic above. Then look at The Universe card in the Thoth Tarot deck, along with; The Star, The Hermit, and the Princess of Wands. We think you will see the connection. By the way that Sumerian character means, “Ishtar, the supreme element of the Divine.”

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