Police recently broke down her door in a no-knock raid that terrorized a naked woman and her children. But it turns out that the SWAT team had the wrong apartment all along.

That didn’t stop SWAT cops from holding the terrified family at the ends of assault weapons, and verbally abusing them, while they sorted out their mistake.

“Stop f*cking crying and take care of your f*cking kids,” Marianne Diaz, 23, recalled one of the SWAT officers saying.

Diaz says it all started at 5:30 a.m. when the SWAT team awakened her. Wednesday, SWAT officers executed a “no-knock” raid on her apartment in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Diaz recalled that her 7-year-old daughter was trembling – terrified and terrorized by the black-clad SWAT officers.

She clutched her 18-month-old daughter tightly, still relatively unclear on what was happening and why. As it would turn out, the officers were just as unclear, as they had raided the wrong people.

For 10 full minutes, the officers forced her to remain naked. They “frisked” her even though she was naked and did not let her get dressed until they were sufficiently certain that she was humiliated beyond belief.

“It was terrorizing, and the worst thing I’ve ever been through in my life,” Diaz said in an interview with local WBZ-TV. “They were loud, vulgar and disgusting in behavior.”

Diaz has lived in the apartment since May, along with her children, and her 23-year-old fiancé. But the police weren’t looking for them. They were looking for someone who had lived their previously. They never bothered to check with the landlord before breaking down the door. If they had, the landlord could have informed them that the former tenant had moved.

“I’m really upset about that,” Diaz continued. “If they knew I lived there and had no criminal record, and the electricity was under my name, then why (do this) and use excessive force?”

Diaz’s fiancé Bryant Alequin and their roommate Joshua Matos were both thrown to the ground.

“I screamed and tried to explain my wrist was messed up,” Matos said. His wrist was broken during the brutal police raid. “They told me to shut the f*ck up.”

The officers found nothing. Eventually, they said: “Oh sh*t, the snake got away.”

The officers never even said they were sorry.

“Before they left, one (of them) said, ‘We treated you with respect,’” Diaz recalled. “They didn’t even apologize.”

Watch the local report by WBZ-TV in the video below…

(Article by Reagan Ali and M. David)

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