Egyptian Medicine: The Ebers Papyrus

Found in Egypt in the 1870s, the Ebers Papyrus contains prescriptions written in hieroglyphics for over seven hundred remedies. This prescription for an asthma remedy is to be prepared as a mixture of herbs heated on a brick so that the sufferer could inhale their fumes. Georg Ebers (1837-­1898) Cure for Diarrhoea: 1/8th cup figs and grapes, bread dough, pit corn, fresh Earth, onion, and elderberry. Cure for Indigestion: Crush a hog’s tooth and put it inside of four sugar cakes. Eat for four days. Cure for Burns: Create a mixture of milk of a woman who has borne a male child, gum, and, ram’s hair. While administering this mixture say: Thy son Horus is burnt in the desert. Is there any water there?There is no water. I have water in my mouth and a Nile between my thighs. I have come to extinguish the fire. Cure for Lesions […] Read More