Genesis Revisited

THE SISTINE CEILING 1508 – 1512 THE CREATION OF ADAM (1511) On the vault of the Sistine Ceiling, Michelangelo painted nine scenes from Genesis, of which the most famous is THE CREATION OF ADAM. Here, the listless body of Adam is about to be animated by the spirit of God at the gentle touch of their fingertips. This potent image may have been suggested by the Latin hymn VENI CREATOR SPIRITUS, in which God restores strength and courage to the weakened flesh with a touch of his finger. The Creation of Adam (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The Adam – A slave to the gods The story of Adam & Eve is widely misunderstood by both the Christian community and Evolutionists. Many people actually think that the entire human race stemmed from just two individuals named Adam & Eve. Evolutionists claim that we all originated from a “soup,” while Christians fail […] Read More

Trickery Or Magic?

A wise saying is that which affirms that he who seeks to prove too much, in the end proves nothing. Prof. W. B. Carpenter, F.R.S. (and otherwise alphabetically adorned), furnishes a conspicuous example in his strife with men better than himself. His assaults accumulate bitterness with every new periodical he makes his organ, and in proportion with the increase of his abuse his arguments lose force and cogency. And, forsooth, he nevertheless lectures his antagonists for their lack of “calm discussion,” as though he were not the very type of controversial nitro-glycerine! Rushing at them with his proofs, which are “incontrovertible” only in his own estimation, he commits himself more than once. By one of such committals I mean to profit to-day, by citing some-curious experiences of my own. My object in writing the present is far from that of taking any part in this onslaught upon reputations. Messrs. […] Read More

1650: Coelum Terrae Or The Magician’s Heavenly Chaos

Thomas Vaughan – Coelum Terrae This work was originally published under Vaughan’s pseudonym ‘Eugenius Philalethes’ as Magia Adamica: or the antiquitie of magic, and the descent thereof from Adam downwards, proved. Whereunto is added a… full discoverie of the true coelum terr�… By Eugenius Philalethes. London: T.W. for H.B, 1650. The text below is taken from A.E. Waite‘s edition. COELUM TERRAE Or The Magician’s Heavenly Chaos. By Thomas Vaughan. I have now, Reader, performed my promise and — according to my posse — proved the antiquity of magic. I am not so much a fool as to expect a general subscription to my endeavours. Every man’s placet is not the same with mine; but “the die is cast”. I have done this much, and he that will overthrow it must know, in the first place, it is his task to do more. There is just one point I can […] Read More

1700s: Freher’s Process in the Philosophical Work

The Process in the Philosophical Work considered as thoroughly analogical with that in Man’s Redemption through Jesus Christ; and represented by positions given thereof, as to its principal points in Behmen‘s Signatura Rerum, chapters, vii, x, xi, xii. 1. Adam’s primeval state in Paradise, and the manner of his spoiling himself, his whole created being, by his lustful imagination after the knowledge of good and evil, is rightly by this author, not only spoken of in the first beginning of his description, but also frequently repeated and variously expressed throughout his whole discourse. For if Man understandeth not his own corrupted nature, and that curse which he himself lieth under, how can he be imagined to be able for an understanding of the nature and curse of the Earth? Or upon what ground can he presume to deliver such or such a particular thing from that curse; or to […] Read More


The serpent seed How did life begin on Earth? More intellectual and literal blood has been shed and spilled attempting to answer this question than any other in any aspect of science or religion. Why? Because the answer, if it could be determined beyond doubt, would reveal to us the deepest meanings behind ourselves and all that we see around us. More importantly, it would demolish once and for all the thorny tangle of conscious and unconscious thought and belief that causes most of the bloodshed.At present there are only two socially acceptable explanations for how life has come to be on Earth. Science insists it has developed by entirely natural means, using only the materials at hand on the early planet, with no help from any outside source, whether that source be divine or extraterrestrial. Religion insists with equal fervor that life was brought into existence whole and […] Read More

1995: Were Ancient Cultures More Advanced than Many Evolutionists Believe?

by David Criswell March 1, 1995 Ancient Egypt is supposed to be one of the first civilizations, but the sophistication of its achievements has long perplexed scientists. The mathematical precision involved in constructing the pyramids is but one such achievement. It was long believed that man had not developed mathematics to the degree that would allow Egyptians to build such structures. And the enigma of the pyramids pales in comparison to other archaeological discoveries. Above: A vase-like artifact from a 2,000-year-old Parthian town. German archaeologist Wilhelm König and others believe it was a type of battery. According to Dr. Colin Fink of the electrochemistry department at Columbia University, the ancient Egyptians copper-coated many artifacts using a form of electrochemical exchange  This involved a mixture of chemical elements which, when an object was immersed, caused an electrochemical charge that deposited the copper permanently on the object. A Scientific American publication […] Read More


BY JOHN QUINCY ADAMS 1996 Acacia Press, Incorporated. MONTAGUE, MASSACHUSETTS. Originally Published: 1847 T. R. Marvin BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS PREFACE. IT is now twenty years since there sprung up in the United States an earnest and at times a vehement discussion, of the nature and effect of the bond entered into by those citizens who join the society of Free and Accepted Masons. The excitement which arose in consequence of the disclosures then made, had the effect, at least for a time, if not permanently, to check the farther spread of that association. The legislative power of some of the States was invoked, and at last actually interposed, to prevent the administration of extra-judicial oaths, including of course all such as were constantly taken in the Masonic Order. This was the furthest point which the opposition ever reached. It did not succeed in procuring the dissolution of the organization of […] Read More