2016: F*ck The City of Cleveland For What is Doing to the Family of Tamir Rice

If killing a small child for holding a toy gun, failing to convict the police officer who shot said small child and refused to medically assist him afterwards wasn’t enough, forcing the family of the murdered child to pay for his ambulance ride and hospital fees appears to be the icing on the cake for Cleveland — now officially the worst city in America. The family of Tamir Rice, the young black boy shot to death by two Cleveland police officers in 2014, are to be sent a bill for $500 by for “advanced life support” and Rice’s ambulance ride after the city filed a creditor’s claim today at court. Reported Gawker: This afternoon in probate court, the city filed a creditor’s claim for $500, saying that Rice’s family still owes them for the ambulance and paramedics that tended to the 12-year-old’s body after he was shot by a police officer […] Read More

2016: Austin officer who shot naked teen feared for his life

An Austin police officer who shot and killed a naked, unarmed teen last week feared for his life and was following department training at the moment he fired, his attorney told the American-Statesman Monday. The Feb. 8 encounter between officer Geoffrey Freeman and 17-year-old David Joseph unfolded in a matter of seconds after Freeman exited his patrol car, and Joseph, who was behaving aggressively and erratically, was in “very close proximity” to Freeman, said Michael Rickman, general counsel for the Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas. +Attorney: Austin officer who shot naked teen feared for his life photo Austin police officers investigate the scene of an officer-involved shooting in the 12000 block of Natures Bend in Northeast Austin on “When you are in fear of your life, and that it could be taken, you have the right to use the amount of force necessary to repel the threat,” Rickman […] Read More

New FBI Report Debunks Mythical “War on Police”

Throughout the United States, Americans believe there is a “war on police.” A recent survey found 58% of Americans agree with this sentiment. A new, privately-funded billboard campaign hijacks the “Black Lives Matter” moniker to read “Blue Lives Matter,” highlighting powerful pushback from law enforcement sympathizers against activists. The FBI’s 2014 report, Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted (LEOKA), released this week, appears to support the notion that police officers are in danger and unduly targeted. The number of officers killed by individuals committing “felonious acts” jumped from 27 in 2013 to 51 last year, and police apologists are all but guaranteed to point to this increase as proof their concerns are justified. A deeper examination of the data, however, reveals that police are not only safe, but still running rampant in their liberal use of violence against the citizens they allegedly serve. In 2013, the FBI reported that 27 […] Read More

Alabama Cop Gets SHUT DOWN When He Tried To Stop Man For ‘Jogging While Black’

An Alabama police officer recently got shut down when he tried to detain an African American man for doing nothing other than jogging. The man, Corey Dickerson, recorded the interaction, where he was essentially being harassed because of his ethnicity. Dickerson, was out of breath and resting when a police cruiser pulled up. The officer asked where he was going, even though the officer had no reason to suspect him of having committed any crime, according to The Free Thought Project. “You look like you been running,” the police officer said. “Where you been running from?” Dickerson admitted that he was running. “Just around,” and “nowhere in particular.” The officer asks if Dickerson had identification on him. He acknowledged that he did, but Dickerson knew his rights. “Well, looks like I’m about to get harassed,” he told the officer. He then notified the officer that he was live streaming […] Read More

The Racial Justice Failures That Hillary Clinton Can’t Ignore

Clinton’s record is far from stellar. While the Black Lives Matter movement has focused attention on Bernie Sanders for his perceived racial justice deficiencies, no one seems to be giving much scrutiny to the civil rights record of Bill and Hillary Clinton and the impact their political work has had on the black community. History has not been kind to the Clintons’ record and it is possible that Bill Clinton while president, with no public objections and often with enthusiastic support from Hillary, did more damage to the black community than any modern American president. Let’s take a look at the Clintons’ record, in particular the 1996 Welfare Reform Act, the 1994 Violent Crime Act, repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, and the support and passage of NAFTA and NAFTA-style trade agreements. 1996 Welfare Reform Act: Any consideration of Bill Clinton’s impact on the black community must include the 1996 Welfare Reform […] Read More

Cops Say They Were ‘Completely Justified’ Aiming Guns At 11-Year-Old Who Was Playing With Toy Gun

It’s apparently not just BB-guns that can get little kids shot by the police these days. An 11-year-old African-American boy in Illinois was recently arrested by police who drew and aimed their guns at him, all because he was playing with a toy gun. Police claim that they were “completely justified” in handcuffing the boy, and aiming their weapons at – ready to shoot him if he made the slightest “wrong move.” The police say that one driver claimed the toy had been pointed at him, and that this justified more or less any and all militarized police response by the Granite City Police Department. The 11-year-old, Chris Fulton, says he never pointed the gun at anyone but his friends, because they were outside playing – using their imagination. Just as in the case of Tamir Rice, 12, in Cleveland, Ohio, this gun was a toy. But the police say none of […] Read More

2015: “Relentless White Racism All The Time And Everywhere Is the Biggest Lie Of Our Lifetimes”

If you tuned your television exclusively to mainstream media broadcasts you’d probably think that racial violence and black victimization in America has reached a tipping point; that white-on-black crime was so out of control we were living under slavery or Jim Crow segregation again. But according to the controversial author of Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry and White Girl Bleed a Lot Colin Flaherty, this is the biggest lie in America. You will never see this eye-opening interview from Future Money Trends broadcast by the big alphabet media outlets because it touches on a topic that is too taboo to discuss openly in America today: (Watch at Youtube) Flaherty explains that politically correct politicians and media personalities refuse to say that black-on-white crime is 50 to 100 times worse than instances of whites attacking blacks. I write about black mob violence and black-on-white crime all over the country… and I document how […] Read More

2015: Brutal Honesty: This Is The Video About Racism They Don’t Want You To See

Though Americans were under the impression that race would improve after the election of a half-black man as President of the United States, the last eight years have witnessed a firestorm of assumptions, accusations, lies, division and violence. Racism, it seems, is not only alive and well, but worse than it has ever been. Or is it? Could it be that most Americans, regardless of the color of their skin, are perfectly fine having people of other races as their friends, neighbors and colleagues, and that certain people in positions of power are using their influence to manipulate the masses? This short micro-documentary from Future Money Trends explores a hot button issue and one that is all too often voluntarily ignored by the broader media because it is simply too controversial to admit. Watch: Real Racism Is Supported By Lies Excerpt From ‘Real Racism Is Supported By Lies’: Police brutality is real… and […] Read More

2015: African American Arrested for Drinking Iced Tea in Parking Lot Finally Cleared After Two Years

He was doing nothing other than standing in a parking lot and drinking a can of iced tea. But he found out that this can apparently get you arrested, all on it’s own. That’s what happened back on the evening of April 27th, in 2013. Two men had been outside waiting for friends to arrive. They were standing in the parking lot outside of a state-owned ABC Liquor Store. One of those two men was Christopher Lamont Beatty. He was holding a canned beverage, while his friend, Tino Brown, was on his cell phone. A unidentified and ununiformed man came up to Beatty and demanded to know what he was drinking. The man said he was “the police”, but failed to produce any badge or identifying proof that he was a member of law enforcement. The ununiformed cop said he was sure the two were drinking alcohol. In reality, however, Tino Brown’s drink turned out to not be alcohol […] Read More