A Warning To Mediums

A Warning To Mediums     Dear Sir, – I take the earliest opportunity to warn mediums generally – but particularly American mediums – that a plot against the cause has been hatched in St. Petersburg. The particulars have just been received by me from one of my foreign correspondents, and may be relied upon as authentic.     It is now commonly known that Prof. Wagner, the geologist, has boldly come out as a champion for mediumistic phenomena. Since he witnessed the wonderful manifestations of Bredif, the French medium, he has issued several pamphlets, reviewed at great length in Col. Olcott’s People from the Other World, and excited and defied the anger of all the scientific pyschophobists of the Imperial University. Fancy a herd of mad bulls rushing at the red flag of a picador, and you will have some idea of the effect of Wagner’s Olcott-pamphlet upon his colleagues.     Chief among […] Read More

What Happened to the Planes and Passengers on 9/11

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1989: Cooper Lecture Transcript

A Seminar on MAJIC 12 by Milton William Cooper  November 17th, 1989  Fellow Computer Enthusiasts, 11-24-89 What follows is a transcript of a 45 minute lecture that I attended on 11-17-89 at the “Whole Life Expo” in Los Angeles, California. Speaking was Mr. Milton William Cooper with whom I first became acquainted through a text file I downloaded from a local computer BBS. The file dealt with the subject of UFO’s and our government’s concealment of the truth about them in such a way that it made a lasting impression on me, which is why I attended his lecture; to learn more. Please forgive my probable misspelling of some of the proper names in the transcript which follows and allow that I have taken it as best I could, word-for-word, from a less than acceptable micro-cassette recording. If you are as moved by what you are about to read […] Read More