Alabama Sightings: Gorilla or Bigfoot ?

There have been several Bigfoot reports in the past few years from residents near the Tallapoosa County area in Alabama. In 2012 we broke the news reports about the strange sightings in Hale County and followed the story closely. As with all stories regarding the wandering ape-like creature, this one also fizzled out without much more information. The 2012 Hale county sightings offered no real leads or information other than witnesses reporting a large gorilla ‘on the loose’. Fast forward two year, present day, and more Alabama strangeness is being reported. This time, Bigfoot researcher Jim Smith from the Alabama Bigfoot Society became a witness to what others have seen. “Big Joe’ was spotted twice within about a 4 week time,” said Smith, 58 and founder of the Alabama Bigfoot Society. According to the investigator, the first report was submitted by a woman who claimed to have been driving […] Read More

Herbalogy and the Native American Indians

by Terri Jean September 8, 2000 Arnica (Catawba) – the roots are used for treating aches and pains (especially in the back and in joints). Healed injuries such as broken bones, sprains, and bruises. You do NOT want to ingest this herb. It is to be applied to the skin. Aspen (Cree) – the bark was boiled into a tea and used as a couch medicine. Boneset – this tea was used by many tribes and for various healing practices. The Iroquois – for colds and to reduce fever. The Menominees also used it to reduce fever and the Alabama Indians gave it to people to cure stomach ailments. Catnip (Mohegans) – the leaves were boiled into a tea and given to infants to relieve an infant with colic. Dandelion – This plant has been used to cure many ailments for thousands of years – and is still used […] Read More

Choctaw Corn Legend

The origin of corn is connected with a myth called by Cushman the story of 0hoyo 0sh Chisba (or 0hoyo osh chisba), “The Unknown Woman.” With Cushman’s usual emotional setting this runs as follows: In the days of many moons ago, two Choctaw hunters were encamped for the night in the swamps of the bend of the Alabama river…. The two hunters, having been unsuccessful in the chase of that and the preceding day, found themselves on that night with nothing with which to satisfy the carvings of hunger except a black hawk which they had shot with an arrow. Sad reflections filled their hearts as they thought of their sad disappointments and of their suffering families at home. While the gloomy future spread over them its dark pall of despondency, all serving to render them unhappy indeed. They cooked the hawk and sat down to partake of their […] Read More


THE MEANING OF ART. 1, §9, CL. 7, AND ITS APPLICATION TO SOCIAL SECURITY “[T]hese documents revealed the Conspiracy to cover up the legislative intent regarding Social Security, in order to exploit the confusion long enough to fraudulently induce America into a pension contract to justify the tax…We at NITE are laboring to present an exciting and comprehensive legal strategy with this information uncovered by Mr. Fitzgerald [sic], to carry a two pronged assault, which incorporates and embraces this ground-breaking research into the most direct[,] on point[,] approach ever conceived within the tax resistance movement.” Thurston Bell, in a note dated July 25, 1999. Both he and Steve “Fitzgerald” DeLuca are wrong. Certain factions within the freedom movement today are asserting that social security is a contract. According to this argument, people sign up for social security (they obtain a number), and such act is similar to submitting an application […] Read More