2015: Islamic Creationist: Pre-Human Megalithic Civilization Ruled Earth before Adam

Because America is overrun with Biblical creationists seeking to impress a particular strain of conservative evangelical Christianity on the country, we tend to ignore other forms of creationism, including the Islamic creationism fashionable in the Muslim world and spread under the auspices of leaders like Adnan Oktar, the Turkish creationist who runs an international outfit under the pseudonym Harun Yahya. Like its Christian Intelligent Design counterpart, Islamic creationism casts itself as scientific and appeals to the glamour of science to spread its message. I bring this up because Graham Hancock has just posted an article by Canadian Islamic creationist Nadeem Haque, who wishes to prove the unity of science and Islam through appeals to pseudohistory.  A few days ago I noted that I had been reading the medieval Arabic collection the Book of Marvels, and in the earlier sections of that book, the anonymous author claimed that there were […] Read More

2015: Pennsylvania Man Claims Lost Ancient Native American Civilization in His Backyard

In Berks County, Pennsylvania, the forces of pseudoscience are descending on Richland Township as a result of one man’s deep-seated belief that he has discovered a lost civilization in his backyard. Last month, Rick Zimmerman, 55, told the Morning Call newspaper that he made this momentous discovery while exploring a new property he had purchased in 2013. When he asked for help in analyzing what he uncovered, it opened a window into the popular understanding of the past. While exploring his 74-acre property, Zimmerman, who has been permanently disabled since losing his leg in a horrific accident in 2005, says that he found earthen mounds, stone tools, and stone buildings that he attributes to a lost ancient Native American civilization. Photographs published in the Morning Call show what seem to be natural stones and colonial-era drystone constructions. Zimmerman calls the stone structures “cairns,” which can refer to any manmade […] Read More