The TV Segment That Lays Bare Everything That’s Wrong with Corporate Media Today

Softballs for Amazon’s PR rep, superficial questions, and a former WH press secretary: this segment has it all. The New York Times published a somewhat scathing survey of Amazon’s corporate culture Sunday that quickly went viral, becoming the Times’ most shared story over the past 36 hours. The piece, written by Jodi Kantor and David Streitfeld, dug deep into Amazon’s hyper-competitive culture and highlighted its more abusive and dehumanizing extremes. Some of the worst offenses are a lack of paternity leave, people sobbing at their desk, a “snitch” app that lets employees anonymously tattle on their colleagues, and a culture one former HR director called “purposeful Darwinism.” But worry not, CBS News is here to the rescue. After reading a press release by Amazon, the three CBS This Morning hosts invited New York Times journalist Jodi Kantor on the show to defend her article. Kantor went out of her way to […] Read More

2013: Enigmas in Empty Places: Haunted Deserts

By Scott Corrales One does not immediately associate the concept of deserts with Brazil – our mental images of the South American giant immediately take us to the jungle greenery of the Amazon or to the bright pleasures of Rio de Janeiro. However, the South American superpower extensive coastal deserts ‘complete with sand dunes’ in the northern region of Maranhao, once known to be the wealthiest part of this Portuguese possession (so wealthy, in fact, that a Portuguese monarch was willing to abdicate his crown as long he was able to keep control over Maranhao). Located between the Mangueira and Parnaìba deserts, the vast sand dunes are contained within the Lencois Maranhenses National Park and aerial photography shows the sand encroaching on the surrounding vegetation, like a stain of white ink on a green tablecloth. This is not surprising, as the Maranhao dunes stand a staggering thirty meters tall […] Read More

The Real Matrix … !

As the consciousness level of your planet raises itself, those of you light workers who are working to raise your consciousness, you will be able to hold more and more refined vibrations, and so we will be able to use you as a catalyst to be able to feed in more and more energies… No Time, no place. I had long understood that our “real” world was only an illusion generated from our minds, but in January 2003 and the months that followed I was to ‘see’ this for myself in a way that taught me so much more about the ‘Matrix‘ through which the human family is held in “disconnected” servitude. I was invited to speak at a gathering of people at a location in the Amazon rain forest about an hour´s drive or so from Manaus in northern Brazil. The event, over ten days, would offer the […] Read More