CHAPTER VI SYMBOLS RELATING TO MU THE SACRED LOTUS.–The Lotus has always been looked upon as the most sacred of all sacred flowers–why? Because it was selected as Mu’s floral symbol. Why was it so selected? The Lotus was the first flower to beautify the earth. Being the first flower and Mu the land where man first appeared on earth, Mu and the Lotus were naturally symbolic synonyms. As a mark of love and mourning, the Egyptians, after the destruction of Mu, never depicted the lotus as an open, living flower but always as closed and dead. The lotus is a prominent figure in the carvings and adornments of all ancient temples, and, except in Egypt, was continued down as open and conventional until King Solomon’s Temple. In this form, the tips of the petals are turned in. The lotus was indigenous to Mu. The plant was carried to […] Read More

2012: The Newark “Holy Stones”

In 1860, amateur archaeologist David Wyrick (1806-1864) discovered a number of unusual objects while excavating a series of Native American mounds 16 km (10 miles) south of Newark (Ohio, USA). The first object to be found, today known as the ‘keystone’ was found in a pit some 3.7 to 4.3 m (12 to 14 feet) deep (although the stone itself was said to have been found near the surface) and was encased, apparently deliberately, in a clay ball; it is carved from novaculite, 152 mm (6 inches) long and 41 mm (1.625 inches) thick and is inscribed on each of its four faces with standard Hebrew letters. Wyrick took the stone to his friend Charles Wittlesey (1808-1886), also an amateur archaeologist with an interest in the mounds of North America. The three men agreed that the lettering was Hebrew but as none of them could read it, they took […] Read More