2012: Large bird like creature seen in Fresno skies

By weirdfresno Last week while attending the monthly Fresno Filmmakers Alliance mixer, a friend of mine approached me and asked me if I knew of any thunderbird sightings in the Fresno area as his wife and young son had recently spotted a large bird-like creature with a wing span estimated to be more than 12 feet in width. For those who don’t know what a Thunderbird is, it’s a term used in the cryptozoological world to describe large bird-like creatures that are associated with the Thunderbird of Native American mythology. Most thunder-birds sightings are of the feathered type, although some sightings have reported the creatures to have lizard-like features similar to a pterosaur. Modern Thunderbird sightings go back over 100 years with one of the first stories reportedly occurring in April 1890 in Arizona where two cowboys killed a giant bird-like creature with a huge wingspan. It was described […] Read More