Federal Court Rules Drinking Tea and Buying Gardening Supplies is ‘Probable Cause’ For SWAT Raid

When a Kansas SWAT team raided the house of Robert and Addie Harty, as well as their 7-year-old daughter and their 13-year-old son, they claimed it was all because of purchases of gardening supplies. The April 2012 raid of the couple, both former CIA analysts, began with pounding on their front door, and continued with Harte laying face down, with guns pointed at him. The SWAT team said the former CIA analyst was involved in “a major marijuana growing operation” because he had purchased supplies for growing hydroponic tomatoes for a school project for his children. How did they get tipped off to this “crime”? A state trooper was parked in the store parking lot, collecting the license plate numbers of customers, then compile them into a spreadsheet, and sending it to the local sheriff’s departments for “further investigation.” The Johnson County Sheriff’s Department investigated the Hartes as part of what they called “Operation Constant Gardener.” Deputies […] Read More