2015: Is The Moon An Artificial Alien Base

Strange phenomena have let some to believe that the eternal companion of the Earth, the Moon is, in fact, some sort of a huge spaceship. Crazy theory? Well, here’s why. A curious video taken from a backyard telescope, which showed an alleged UFO fleet over the moon, caused a stir worldwide. This makes us wonder about what could possibly hide in that celestial body. Is it possible that there are civilizations living there if so what is their purpose? and what is its real origin of the moon? Those who believe in the Alien Moon theory state that the moon had to be created by a highly developed civilization, much more than ours. Under this unusual logic, our artificial satellite would have to be hollow inside so that, within it, the aliens could place fuel for machinery, materials, and accessories that would be used to repair working instruments, navigational instruments, observation […] Read More