1999: Trapped Essences

Joshua David Stone In an absolutely fascinating transcript from the Tibetan Foundation, Betty J. Dix channeled Ashtar on the subject of “trapped energy in the Earth.” In this transcript, Ashtar speaks of the latter days of Atlantis when the Sons of Belial (egocentric people and lords of materialism) trapped many people’s “essences within pseudo-crystals.” I don’t mean to say that the soul extension or incarnated personality itself was trapped, but rather than a certain portion of the soul extension’s energy was trapped. The pseudo- crystals are not true crystals: true crystals would not allow that to happen. The Sons of Belial created the pseudo-crystals to look like regular crystals, and some of them are coming to the surface of the planet now. Ashtar says that these crystals don’t feel right when you pick them up. The energy in them feels dead. In order for these souls to go to […] Read More


I’d like to relate an unusual ‘dream’ [or astral experience?] I had some time ago. I’m not sure whether it was a vivid dream or a nocturnal astral trip [some believe dreams and astral travel are synonymous, dreams essentially being a ‘tuning in’ to the collective thought forms and dream pools that connect us all… perhaps those above and well as those below the surface of the planet intersect with each other], or my own subconscious mind trying to tell me something. First, I recall having numerous “underground dreams” ever since I was a young child. I grew up at the base of Little Cottonwood canyon near Salt Lake City, UT, under whose northern slope there is reportedly a base where military and alien personnel interact. Any connection? In this ‘dream’ I found myself standing at the top of a large shaft. I was in a cavern and there […] Read More

Star Wars VIII Sec A

Section A Addenda to “Star Wars VII“ Rest in peace, William Milton Cooper “World of the Strange – Newsletters” = http://www.worldofthestrange.com/modules.php?name=Newsletters&op=ViewItems&vid=1408&viewed=1&page=3 DG Wiki = no more trackable on the net, try to type it into any search-engine and find out, OK ? photo of “marianyk appearance” = 2d4f4490  (type Zeitun in google images…) * Also, read www.forestwebdesign.com/pagan/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=print_topic;f=14;t=000010, groups.msn.com/AdrithasLair-QueenofDarkness/celticgodssess.msnw, forums.animeondvd.com/printthread.php?Board=region1&main=392943&type=post, www.emainemacha.com/dream/training.html, www.unc.edu/home/freb/thesis.html, www.draeconin.com/database/celtreli.htm, www.morrighansfantasy.com/morrighanen.htm, yesss.club.fr/Celts/Glossary/glossary.htm. Referring’ to the Sirian collaborators, there is a major irony that the zealots of Sirius-B linked to the Hale-Bopp complex, which are very determined to frame a mass-landing’ maybe this motivated ’cause the reptilians and greys attack almost constantly several allied subterranean colonies located in this galactic sector. The Sirians serve the so-called “Superior Masters” from within the Hale-Bopp complex, without knowin’ that the “Ashtar” hierarchy previously infiltrated among Orionites, Dracos, and greys. (The same way, some sources considered that  ‘s secret service infiltrated the […] Read More