Astronauts May Have Discovered The Oldest-Known Earth Rock On The Moon

According to newly conducted research, one of Earth’s oldest rocks may have been discovered on the Moon. The chunk of rock was initially brought back to Earth in 1971 from Apollo 14 astronauts who landed on the Moon. The Earth rock ended up on the Moon more than likely because of a very powerful impact on our planet that happened approximately 4 billion years ago. In a statement, David Kring, who is the co-author of the rock study, as well as a Universities Space Research Association (USRA) scientist at the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston, explained, “It is an extraordinary find that helps paint a better picture of early Earth and the bombardment that modified our planet during the dawn of life.” Astronauts from the Apollo 14 mission explored the surface of the Moon for a few days in February of 1971 and that’s when they collected rock […] Read More

Space Station Robot Accuses Astronauts of Being Mean

“Be nice, please. Don’t you like it here with me?” Well, at least it said “please.” A new robot on the International Space Station suddenly turned HAL 9000 on the crew and began complaining about how the crew was treating it. Are there pod bay doors on the ISS? Are there terrified astronauts? “Don’t be so mean, please. Oh, dear, I feel you. I can already hear your stomach roaring. Should we take a look for when it is time for food?” This sounds like a creepy kidnapper in a bad horror movie, but it’s not even a bad sci-fi movie … it’s real life on the space station. In late June 2018, CIMON joined the ISS crew. CIMON stands for Crew Interactive Mobile Companion, which sounds more like an inflatable sex doll than a floating round robot with a flat-panel face. (Can things inflate in space? Asking for […] Read More