Astronomers Find Alien ‘Megastructures’ Orbiting Star Near Milky Way

What else is out there in the stars waiting to be found? (Photo Credit: ESO/Y) 21st Century Wire says… If correct this would put that alien civilisation thousands, if not millions, of years ahead of our own development. Watch a video of this report here: Jason Wright, an astronomer at Penn State University, is set to publish a report on a ‘swarm of megastructures‘ that have been found orbiting a star just outside of the Milky Way Galaxy. The anomaly was initially discovered by citizen scientist, ‘planet hunters’ who were searching through the data collected on 150,000 stars by the Kepler Space Telescope.  The star, designated KIC 8462852, was tagged as ‘bizarre’ and ‘interesting’ by the independent researchers because it was surrounded by a mass of matter in a tight formation. Young stars can be surrounded by such matter at the start of their lifecycle, but KIC 8462852 is not a young star. A paper was […] Read More

2013: Carl Sagan’s Two Warnings For Humanity In His Very Last Interview – You Might Want To Hear This

Carl Sagan was an astronomer, astrophysicist, cosmologist, skeptic and critical thinker. He was the Professor of Astronomy and Space Sciences and Director of the Laboratory for Planetary Studies at Cornell University. He played a leading role in the American space program and was a consultant and adviser to NASA since the late 1950′s. He was also responsible for briefing the Apollo astronauts before their flights to the Moon. Many of you might know him from some of his bestselling books, like Cosmos, which was in fact the bestselling science book ever published in the English language. Sagan was responsible for assisting humanity in their knowledge of concepts that are outside of the box, these include multiple dimensions, quantum physics, wormholes, and a wide variety of ideas and concepts about space, science, technology and more. He did so with a great amount of enthusiasm, cheer, and an uplifting type of […] Read More

1996: Village on the Moon?

Note: you should view these images in the highest resolution possible with imaging software rather than your browser for best results. This mosaic of Clementine UVVIS images covers the center of the impact crater Tycho. It was formed when a large meteorite (or comet) slammed into the Moon. The version on the right is a 3 color composite (415 nm, 750 nm, 1000 nm); the version in the center is a color composite of wavelength ratios which show different rock and soil types. Note the distinct color difference of the central peak due to excavation of deep material during the impact that formed the crater. The ratio image on the left enhances an unusual polygonal pattern in the floor of the crater. The origin of this feature is not clear, however future work using all 11 wavelengths collected by the UVVIS and NIR cameras will most likely reveal the origin of […] Read More


THE SIRIUS MYSTERY by Robert K. G. Temple (New York, 1976), pp.58-59 We tend to be unaware that stars rise and set at all. This is not entirely due to our living in cities ablaze with electric lights which reflect back at us from our fumes, smoke, and artificial haze. When I discussed the stars with a well-known naturalist, I was surprised to learn that even a man such as he, who has spent his entire lifetime observing wildlife and nature, was totally unaware of the movements of the stars. And he is no prisoner of smog-bound cities. He had no inkling, for instance, that the Little Bear could serve as a reliable night clock as it revolves in tight circles around the Pole Star (and acts as a celestial hour-hand at half speed – that is, it takes 24 hours rather than 12 for a single revolution.) I […] Read More

Scientific Paradoxes are Omens of Advance

“Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge: it is those who know little, and not those who know much, who so positively assert that this or that problem will never be solved by science.” –Charles Darwin There are problems with science today, no doubt. With all the knowledge we’ve accumulated about the Universe, from the smallest subatomic scales to the farthest recesses of deep space, there are still realms and regimes where our best theories fail, where the predictions and the data don’t match, and where no known explanation is sufficient for the phenomena that shows up. Image credit: The Michelson-Morley interferometer, via University of Virginia. But this is where all the potential for scientific growth lives. Believe it or not, one of the most important scientific paradoxes for astrophysics, cosmology, and the Universe happened… in the wake of Charles Darwin! That’s right, after On the Origin of […] Read More

2012: Alien Moon Base Captured By Chang’e-2 Orbiter?

I was sent some pictures by a source who claims China will be releasing Hi Res images taken by the Chang’e-2 moon orbiter, which clearly show buildings and structures on the moons surface. He also claims NASA has deliberately bombed important areas of the Moon in an effort to destroy ancient artefacts and facility’s. Pictures yet to be released clearly show nuclear impact craters and building debris caused by explosions in an effort by NASA to destroy the truth. China is moving toward full disclosure of the Extraterrestrial reality, if these images and future ones are verified genuine then NASA should be investigated for fraud and treason. China will be releasing all the data and images from the Chang’e-2 in the coming weeks and months, lets hope this is the beginning of a new era. “The narration by Karl Wolf has nothing to do with the images in this […] Read More

Moon Anomalies: MN0000

ID ANOMALIES: MN0000 PLANET: MOON COORDINATE: [8°,10°] E / [8°,10°] N REGION: Hyginus, Rima Hyginus, Boskovich TYPE: BUILDING STRUCTURE INS DATE: FEBRUARY 2008 SENDER: STEVEN GLYNN DESCRIPTION Building-like object similar to a castle has been evident in the past on the NASA image AS10-32-4822 . From the official NASA web-archive, it seems to be no anymore evident the presence of this strange building. It is located in the lunar region between Rima Hyginus and Boskovic. The MN0000 shows a modular construction and high light reflectivity. Because its shape, it is commonly called “The Castle”.   On the left the anomaly MN0000 called “The Castle”. The red circle on the map at the right shows the region where the MN0000 is located. Old image AS10-32-4822: the MN0000 is evident above the Hyginus crater. Current image AS10-32-4822 as stored in the NASA web-archive. Credit NASA. Related articles Was a Mysterious Underground […] Read More

Big Banks Use Astrology To Play Markets

  04-28-2008 News Monster Christeen Skinner blinks at the screen of her computer and takes another slurp of coffee. It’s half past seven in the morning and she’s preparing for a crucial meeting with the chief executive of the High and Mighty fashion chain. Apart from the black cat dozing on her lap, the only clue to Christeen’s occupation as a 21st century astrologer is a copy of an Ephemeris that lies open at a page marked “Mercury March 25th”. “The financial crisis has ensured that I’m busier than ever,” says Christeen “People in the City need to know what is just around the corner. I can help with that.” Christeen is one of a growing, albeit secretive, network of astrologers who work for seemingly conservative British institutions such as high street banks, City investment funds and retailers. Desperate to avoid financial meltdown in the ongoing ‘credit crunch’ and […] Read More

Planet X Nibiru Do you Want to Hear Insider Tell His Story About Watching Nibiru Coming In?

Do You Want to Hear Insider Tell His Story About Watching Nibiru Coming In, With Buddies From CIA? They watched it on the Hubble Space Telescope that you paid for with your tax dollars, yet they don’t allow you to see the massive planet coming in If you have seen this video, then this commentary will be interesting to you. I link to a fascinating video from my commentary and this guy says he watched on the Hubble Space Telescope as this blazing hot star and its seven planets approached our sun, being drawn in by the gravity of the massive sun, which has 98% of all the mass in our solar system Jupiter is our largest planet and it represents only about 1% of the mass of our entire solar system Related articles 1951: Salzburg, Austria Encounter Ancient History 1979: Filiberto Cardenas Abduction Hollow Earth 1993: The Filiberto […] Read More