The Enigma of Demonic Possession

Anneliese Michel Probably one of the more  famous modern cases is the sad tale of Anneliese Michel. Born on September 21, 1952, Michel was diagnosed with having temporal lobe epilepsy at the age of 16. Michel was a German Catholic who lived in Leiblfing, Bavaria, West Germany. Her family is said to have been very religious and apparently attended Mass at least twice a week. Not having familiarity with Catholicism I can’t say whether that represents a normal amount or an “extreme” amount. I do think its worth noting her and her family’s deeply held religious convictions. I believe these beliefs may have played a part in the events which would unfold in her life. Around the time that Michel had gone off to college, in the 70’s, she suffered a third seizure while at a hospital where she was being treated for tuberculosis. The picture gets a little […] Read More

Fairy Tales?

Personal encounters are interesting to me even if they are not helpful from any kind of scientific standpoint. At the end of the day, all we really have are the stories which people share. The human experience, such that it is, is comprised largely of the stories we tell one another from day to day. And all of human knowledge is passed down through stories. In the following stories, people are having encounters with Fairy-like creatures. Creatures which, for all that we know, shouldn’t exist. Of course it could be that these fairy creatures are simply the same kind of entities that people are sighting during UFO and abduction reports or they could be something completely different. All I know is that the stories are varied and interesting. I share them with you here in the hope to engender conversation, I make no judgement as to the validity of […] Read More