2014: VR Interface Allows You to ‘Touch’ Holograms!

Like an elaborate version of the famous Pepper’s Ghost effect where a projection appears to interact with a real-world person, this incredible floating haptic interface will absolutely blow your mind… Because unlike Pepper’s Ghost? You’re actually able to physically feel and interact with said projection! During the video, several scientists working on the project show how it works by giving quick demonstrations to illustrate what’s actually happening. What’s actually happening is nothing short of witchcraft or sorcery or the future kissing your eyeballs and saying, “I’m finally here, guys! Jetpacks and hoverboards due out next week!” Sure it’s overkill instead of just touching an actual monitor but think about doctors ‘feeling’ their way through a replicated cadaver to learn about the body or perform practice surgeries without it being detrimental to an actual living being? But what we’re all really thinking is, “When do we get a Danger Room […] Read More