Haliksai! This Is How It Was

Based on the Hopi Creation Story a New Thought on the Valley of the Kings (Photo credit: Wikipedia) (This is but one version based on Hopi Creation) A very long time ago…the world was nothing but water. Far to the east and to the west lived two female goddesses. Hurung Whuti…of the East was the goddess of rocks, clay, and minerals. Her house was a kiva. She usually had one gray and one yellow fox skin that was tied to the top of the ladder leading into her house. In the West…there lived another Hurung Whuti in a similar kiva. She had a large turtle-shell rattle on her ladder. The Sun rose and set on this world of water. Shortly before Sun appeared in the east he would dress himself in the gray fox skin. This would create the white dawn of the Hopi. After a bit, he would he […] Read More

Gift to the Hummingbird – Mayan

Tzunuum, the hummingbird, was created by the Great Spirit as a tiny, delicate bird with extraordinary flying ability. She was the only bird in the kingdom who could fly backwards and who could hover in one spot for several seconds. The hummingbird was very plain. Her feathers had no bright colors, yet she didn’t mind. Tzunuum took pride in her flying skill and was happy with her life despite her looks. When it came time to be married, Tzunuum found that she had neither a wedding gown nor a necklace. She was so disappointed and sad that some of her best friends decided to create a wedding dress and jewelry as a surprise. Ya, the vermilion-crowned flycatcher wore a gay crimson ring of feathers around his throat in those days. He decided to use it as his gift. So he tucked a few red plumes in his crown and […] Read More

Grandmother’s Creation Story

By: Muskeke Iskwew (Sharron John, Creek) [Medicine/Healing Woman] Tansi Glenn, The story I send to you was one my Grandmother, Victoria Whitewolf, used to tell me when I was a young girl, “many moons ago”. This is to say thank you for the hours of pleasure your work has given me. I’m sure my Grandmother would have been honored to see it used in this way, so that many people would enjoy it. She was a great story teller. Here is her story: “Long ago the Creator looked out over the perfect world he had made, at the oceans, mountains, plains, deserts, lakes and rivers and he was pleased. He looked upon the plants and trees and was happy at what he saw. Still he felt there was something missing. There was no movement, nothing to enjoy the beauty he had created. So he created the animals, birds, creepers, […] Read More

Ouyan the Curlew

One day, Beeargah the hawk, mother of Ouyan the curlew, said to her son; “Ouyan, go out, take your spears and kill an emu. The women and I are hungry. You are a man, go out and kill, that we may eat. You must not always stay in the camp like an old woman, you must go and hunt as other men do, lest the women laugh at you.” Ouyan took his spears and went out hunting, but even though he went far, Ouyan could not get an emu, but Ouyan dare not return to the camp and face the jeers of the women. The women could jeer well, and his mother could grow angry when she was hungry. Ouyan would sooner cut some flesh off his own legs, than return empty handed which he decided to do. Ouyan made a cut in his leg with his comebo (stone […] Read More