1989: SECRETS ILLUMINISM in the Ozarks

by NORMA COX TRUTH Illuminism is a word which to Illuminists means enlightenment which thereby spurs worship of the sun without which life on the face of Earth could not exist. Worship of the sun means adoration of Lucifer. A god of many names, among the best known, are Ammon-re, Helios and Apollo. There is more to the duties of Lucifer, the Sungod, than guiding the movement of the sun and maintaining its exact position among the planets of the system, there is also the operation of massive equipment which, within the globe, sheds light and heat upon the surface of the planet. Lucifer continues to be equated with Satan, which is unfortunate as such an assumption further confuses a situation entangled in a mass of misconceptions. Mythology is a maze of distortions, yet there is truth blended therein, which brings up the proposition that Lucifer might have come from […] Read More


313- (X) HTML – HOMO SAPIENS – 20090209-0330 PASS IT ONTO A MILLION (BEST SEEN WHEN OPENED FULL PAGE) FOR RESEARCH AND EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY (FINAL REVISION) HOMO SAPIENS BY JACQUES HARDY WHAT IS THAT? WHAT DOES IT EAT IN WINTER ? 1. HOMO SAPIENS Homo Sapiens means “wise man” and it is supposed to mean more exactly that human beings are intelligent. But now, if we look at what happens in the world, we are forced to conclude that such a definition is all wrong. If humans were intelligent, they would do none of the following things: 1. Refuse education. 2. Refuse to discipline themselves. 3. Act against both their own and others’ interests. 4. Be greedy, selfish and untruthful. 5. Form disunited marriages. 6. Make war and attack other countries (e.g. U.S. aggressiveness). 7. Want “freedom” to behave dreadfully. 8. Force women to work instead of caring for their children. 9. Poison the […] Read More