1725: Nicole Millet’s Fiery Death

by  Garth Haslam – Anomalies – the Strange & Unexplained   On Whit Monday 1725, in Rheims, Nicole Millet was found burnt to death in an unburnt chair.  Nicole was the wife of the landlord of the Lion d’Or, and her husband, quite naturally, was accused of murdering her and arrested. He was acquitted at his trial when a young surgeon named Nicholas Le Cat convinced the court that not only did Spontaneous Human Combustion occur, but that the Nicole Millet case was a fine example. The final verdict in the case was that Nicole Millet had died ‘by a visitation of God.’  It is said that this case inspired Frenchman Jonas Dupont to publish his groundbreaking collection on SHC in 1763, De Incendiis Corporis Humani Spontaneis. Explanations ‘Whit Monday’ is a legal holiday in England, Wales, and Ireland. It’s the Monday after ‘Whit Sunday,’ which is another name for Pentecost, a Christian […] Read More