1995: Cold Fusion Breakthrough

by Jeane Manning Did a clean-energy era just slip into our lives, unnoticed by mainstream news cameras? Its arrival may coincide with the recent success of an unpretentious cold fusion device, reported to put out thousand times more energy than it takes to run it, at the world’s largest trade show for electric power producers. (Cold fusion is the popular term for what the Japanese more accurately call New Hydrogen Energy Technology. See David Lewis’ introduction to cold fusion in Atlantis Rising # 2. In 1989 Drs. Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons were first to claim to have produced nuclear reactions by putting palladium rods in water cells and getting excess energy out. They are now in a million-dollar laboratory in France, funded by Japanese money.) Clean Energy Technologies Inc. (CETI) of Texas is a small company that doesn’t hesitate to walk among giants of the fossil fuel and […] Read More


Here’s a suggestion for “scalar” experiments from a conversation with John Bedini.� Mr. Bedini encourages everyone to try this experiment, but warns us that this device is patent applied for, so you should only build a single unit for your own use.� – Bill Beaty, 1/21/95 …………………….uuuu / oo uuuu………………………… William Beaty voice:206-781-3320 bbs:206-789-0775 cserv:71241,3623 EE/Programmer/Science exhibit designer http://www.eskimo.com/~billb – Seattle, WA 98117 -email- – SCIENCE HOBBYIST webpage ****************************************************************** EXPERIMENTING WITH SCALAR FIELDS ****************************************************************** ________ | | | | _______ S | | Obtain two Radio Shack ceramic magnets and |_______| N glue their north pole faces together. | | N |_______| S ________ Wind the magnets with about 50 turns | of #30 magnet wire. Wire gauge is not | critical. | | ___ | |||| | |__||||_| | |||| | |__||||_| | ________ | | [ small, ] | —–[ noisy ]———-o | [_motor__] 6v to 12v […] Read More

2011: Rossi’s Energy Catalyzer

Traditional nuclear energy uses dangerous radioactive materials as fuel and produces hazardous waste. The solution is Cold Fusion. No Rads – No Waste – No Problems! by Hank Mills Pure Energy Systems News In recent days the dangers associated with conventional fission-based nuclear technology have been made clear to everyone. The world has been watching Japan’s efforts to minimize the radiation released, as multiple reactors damaged by the recent earthquake experience partial meltdowns and explosions. As we watch the news, our understanding of these reactors grows as we are introduced to terms such as “containment vessel” and “cooling pool.” However, the world also needs to understand that there is an emerging nuclear energy technology that offers a completely safe and economically attractive alternative. This is the Cold Fusion “E-Cat” (Energy Catalyzer) technology of Italian engineer and inventor Andrea Rossi. The principles of safety of their technology is typical of […] Read More