1996: Black Forest (Colorado) Portals

From: Gary Hart Date: Tue, 24 Dec 1996 02:08:19 -0500 Subject: Black Forest, CO I received a video from the people who live in Black Forest, Colorado. You may have seen it on Sightings the last few years. They have extreme levels of portal activity and a Government presence. The Government agents operate out of a neighbor”s house, move equipment in-and-out, and generally harass the Lees. This harassment includes death threats, legal action of various types, and break-ins where the power to their house is shut off and then the agents walk in the front door. Nothing identifiably was taken, so the sheriff”s department won”t investigate further even though the battery-powered burglar alarm is set off. Sightings wanted to do their own filming and did not want to see the Lee”s own video evidence. So they did not see the best that has been developed by the Lees and […] Read More

2012: Tesla: Free Energy

From the beginning of A. K. Brown’s and George Westinghouse‘s fortuitous partnerships with Tesla, the inventor was at work on other projects above and beyond the AC dynamo. Able to devote himself to the unhindered realization of his countless ideas, he would later recall these years of his life as “little short of continuous rapture.” Tesla’s New York laboratory was a hive of continuous activity, with a small staff of assistants working solely from their employer’s verbal instructions. His distaste for putting ideas down on paper, coupled with his tendency to get bored with a completed invention and move on to the next challenge, led Tesla to toss aside a large number of creations that he never even bothered to patent. Once, when exhaustion left Tesla in a state of temporary amnesia, his assistant filed for patents on many of the unregistered inventions on Tesla’s behalf and had the […] Read More

1984: The Kromery Converter/Free Electricity

Tom Bearden John Bedini has a prototype free energy motor. Imagine having a small D.C. electrical motor sitting on your laboratory bench powered by a common 12-volt battery. Imagine starting with a fully charged battery and connecting it to the motor with no other power input. Obviously, the motor is going to run off the battery, but by conventional thinking, it will stop when the battery runs down. It isn’t running by the conventional wisdom of electrical physics. It isn’t running by the conventional rules of electric motors and generators, but it is running. And it isn’t something complex. It’s pretty simple, once one gets the hang of the basic idea. Impossible, you say. Not at all. That’s precisely what John Bedini has done, and the motor is running now in his workshop. It’s running off the principles of electromagnetics that Nikola Tesla discovered shortly before 1900 in his Colorado Springs […] Read More