2014: The Green Goons Want To Convert Your Grandmothers Remains Into Earth Friendly Soylent Snacks

Why use precious real estate to bury your beloved family members when these grotesque inhuman dirtbags will convert them into fertilizer. This is going beyond the extremes, will you remember your precious family whenever you pull vegetables from their corpses? How can someone even try to bring this idea to fruition? Anyone in their right mind who has a shred of humanity left might get violent when you bring your ‘concept’ to them at the local town hall. You’d be lucky to get out of there alive. I am very disgusted but not surprised. Will the green goon’s hand over their precious pets that they love more than people over to their grave gardens? I regard most people who hand over their elders to these miniature retirement prisons scum but this angers me. The Chicago Tribune sadly brings us this filth, “The greenest goodbye: Seattle group wants to compost […] Read More