2012: The Neo-Con Power Grab at NSA and an attempt to Stifle the Press

By Wayne Madsen Online Journal Contributing Writer – In the past year, I have been threatened with a libel suit in London from a rich Saudi billionaire whose Washington-based law firm that just so happens to have a former Bush-Cheney campaign finance chairman and one of George W. Bush’s closest Texas pals as two of its major partners.In addition, I have earned the attention of an Orwellian Ministry of Truth-like “counter-propaganda” office at the U.S. Department of State, which maintains a web site that criticizes my articles. It is against U.S. law for the International Public Diplomacy unit to directly respond to my counter-arguments, they can only legally respond to foreign queries and not from U.S. citizen journalists whom they cavalierly attack.Plus, the White House and some officials in the U.S. intelligence community apparently have found it necessary to suppress from publication my book on corruption in the oil […] Read More