As seekers of the spiritual aspects of life, it is only natural that one would turn to books and people for spiritual guidance. This is fine. However… beware. Spirituality cannot be bought. Those who have it, do not sell it. Those who do not have it, sell as much as the market will bear. Coyote is always around to remind us of that fact. Trickster Coyote was walking with his friend Iktome. By their path stood Iya the rock. Now Iya was not just any old rock. Iya was special. This was the kind of rock that tells a story. Power Iya had. Coyote said, “Hmmm, this is a pretty good-looking rock. I think it has power.” He took off the heavy blanket he was wearing and placed it on the rock. “Here, Iya, ” he said. “Take this as a present my friend rock. Take my blanket to keep you from freezing for […] Read More

Coyote and the Jar

Coyote was given a big jar to carry when the people came to this world. He was told not to lift the lid… but the jar was heavy and coyote was curious to know what he was carrying. He set the jar down, lifted the lid and peeked inside. All the stars rushed out and they burned his nose as they flew past. Poor coyote could only catch a few and these are now in their proper places in the skies (the constellations), the others are just tossed about, and some of them, not tightly held in place, fall back to earth. This is why there are few constellations and why there are shooting stars and why coyote has a black nose. (Hopi)

How the BlueBird got its color

“…O wonderful spirit of gentleness…touch, calm and embolden all men.  Take from our frightened hands the bomb…Arm us with wisdom and love instead.  Let life, not death, enter no matter where we walk…” The BlueBird was once a very, very ugly color. And, nearby where he lived, there was a lake. Now, this lake was where no river water flowed in or out. The Bird bathed in it four times every morning for four mornings. And, on each of these times, it sang. ” There is blue water, it lies there. I went in, I am all blue.” On the Fourth morning, the bird shed all of it’s feathers. He came out of the lake in his bare skin. But, on the fifth day, oh the fifth day, he came out all Blue. Now, all of this time Coyote had been watching the Bird. He wanted to jump in and get the Bird but […] Read More

How Coyote Stole Fire

Native American Lore Long ago, when man was newly come into the world, there were days when he was the happiest creature of all. Those were the days when spring brushed across the willow tails, or when his children ripened with the blueberries in the sun of summer, or when the goldenrod bloomed in the autumn haze. But always the mists of autumn evenings grew more chill, and the sun’s strokes grew shorter. Then man saw winter moving near, and he became fearful and unhappy. He was afraid for his children, and for the grandfathers and grandmothers who carried in their heads the sacred tales of the tribe. Many of these, young and old, would die in the long, ice-bitter months of winter. Coyote, like the rest of the People, had no need for fire. So he seldom concerned himself with it, until one spring day when he was […] Read More

Coyote keeps his Name

(OKANANAGON) One time the Great Spirit called all the Animal people together.  They came from all over the earth to one camp and set up their lodges.  Spirit Chief said there was going to be a change; there was to be a new kind of people. He told all the Animal people they would now each have a name. “Some of you have names already; some have no names.  Tomorrow, however, everyone will have a name.  This name will be yours forever, for all your descendants.  In the morning you must come to my lodge and choose a name for yourself.  The first one to come may choose any name he wants.  The next person will take any other name.  That is how it will go.  And to each person, I will give a responsibility.” All the Animal people wanted to have powerful names and to be well-known. They wanted to be first at Old Man’s […] Read More

How the Buffalo Were Released on Earth

In the first days, a powerful being named Humpback owned all the buffalo. He kept them in a corral in the mountains north of San Juan, where he lived with his young son. Not one buffalo would Humpback release for the people on earth, nor would he share any meat with those who lived near him. Coyote decided that something should be done to release the buffalo from Humpback’s corral. He called the people to a council. “Humpback will not give us any buffalo,” Coyote said. “Let us all go over to his corral and make a plan to release them.” They camped in the mountains near Humpback’s place, and after dark, they made a careful inspection of his buffalo enclosure. The stone walls were too high to climb, and the only entrance was through the back door of Humpback’s house. After four days Coyote summoned the people to […] Read More

Flowing up from deep down under Voice of an Ancient

– Ten Bears I remember: I have the power to choose what my attitude is toward today’s offerings. Each direction is represented at the spring and fall equinoxes, and at the summer and winter solstices. In the Tlish Diyan tradition east is black, south is blue, west is yellow and north is white. Twenty-four lessons on the Wheel of Life were created by Old Man Thunder; twelve sprung forth from each wing of the Chief of the Thunder Beings, symbolic of the four elements, the four seasons, and the four directions from which Little Boy Lightning can, and often does appear. Little Boy Lightning is the most able assistant that works intimately with Snake and Old Man Thunder, as an interchange of energy, which guarantees a mutual cooperation between the directions of the four quarters of the earth and the sky, as well as the four seasons of the […] Read More

Grandfather Coyote Visits With His Friends

Many seasons ago.. a long time .. Coyote say to his woman, “I tired of sit around the lodge all day. I go to visit my friend Beaver.” So Coyote goes visit Beaver and Beaver say, “Grandfather Coyote, welcome lodge. What will you have to eat?” Coyote says, “Whatever you have to offer.” Beaver says, “Hard winter. Not much offer.” And Little Beaver jumps up and say, “Grandfather… You may eat me. But do not gnaw my bones.” So .. they cook Little Beaver over fire and Grandfather eat Beaver. But as he eats, he gnaws on little bone. After eat .. Beaver takes bones and skin of Little Beaver .. bundle together… Soon Little Beaver comes back, live. Grandfather Coyote says, “Ohh.. this is good.” Beaver says to Little Beaver, “Are you all right my boy?” Little Beaver says, “I am a fine father. I am fine Grandfather, […] Read More

Story of Coyote and Grey Fox: “The Wrong Path”

Many seasons ago, when all the animals lived together and speak the same tongue. Sometimes the same animal lives in the same lodge. Coyote and Grey Fox live together with the same cave. Each day, get up, go out and hunt. But not hunt together. Each has own hunting grounds. Each feeds well. Sometimes bring back the gift of food for the other. All is happy. Then the white giant of the north blew the cold wind. Bear go sleep. Sun low in the sky. Winter comes. Snow. Cold. Each day, Grey Fox, Coyote get up. Go hunt. Not many animals. Winter. Hard find food. Come home. Neither have food. Next day ..same. Next day .. same. Next day .. same. Grey Fox, Coyote get weak and tired. One day Grey Fox go further in woods. See tracks. Hmm!.. Strange tracks, not animal tracks. Hmm.. look close. Man tracks. […] Read More