1997: Ye diary of a madman

( Annotated by Jacob Strauss, Magus of the Shining Hill) None are innocent. There are only those weak enough to believe they are. And those strong enough to revel in the knowledge that they are not. ~Jacob Strauss, Magus of the Shining Hill, London 1940 To be a black magician is perhaps ye most dangerous thing one can attempt, for you risk not only your life and mind but your essence — what simpler minds call ye “soul” — as well. You may beat ye odds and become a god, but most likely you will go mad. Or — and this may be worst of all — you may do both. Oh thou who wrote of evil things remember: they always are inspired by Ye Evil Ones you shall meet after your passing, so turn your dark thoughts to repentment and prayer since ye road to Hell is much […] Read More