US Gave Russia Advanced Technology To Stop WW3! And how the JFK Assassination was involved!

William Birnes of the History Channel revealed in our recent interview that Colonel Philip Corso of “Day After Roswell” fame stated we almost went to war with Russia and that conflict was settled because somehow, the USA gave the Russian Government the “Advanced” technology for the Russian Mig Fighter Jets Radar systems during our interview I have shared here.So the question then is who gave the Russian Government the US technology Russia and the rest of the world were so far behind on?Who was involved ya know?I began to wonder if there was any knowledge in the UFO Community that shared more detail on this exchange of “Advanced” Radar Technology between the USA and Russia?Sure enough, I knew of the following through my Lockheed Martin Skunk Works Insider Friend AR Bordon (Fifteen) the head of the NSA Labyrinth Group.“So what can you share with me that corroborates — even […] Read More