How Dog’s Came to the Earth

(An Ojibway Story) Two Ojibwa Indians in a canoe had been blown far from shore by a great wind. They had gone far and were hungry and lost. They had little strength left to paddle, so they drifted before the wind. At last their canoe was blown onto a beach and they were glad, but not for long. Looking for the tracks of animals, they saw some huge footprints which they knew must be those of a giant. They were afraid and hid in the bushes. As they crouched low, a big arrow thudded into the ground close beside them. Then a huge giant came toward them. A caribou hung from his belt, but the man was so big that it looked like a rabbit. He told them that he did not hurt people and he like to be a friend to little people, who seemed to the giant […] Read More

Story of Coyote and Grey Fox: “The Wrong Path”

Many seasons ago, when all the animals lived together and speak the same tongue. Sometimes the same animal lives in the same lodge. Coyote and Grey Fox live together with the same cave. Each day, get up, go out and hunt. But not hunt together. Each has own hunting grounds. Each feeds well. Sometimes bring back the gift of food for the other. All is happy. Then the white giant of the north blew the cold wind. Bear go sleep. Sun low in the sky. Winter comes. Snow. Cold. Each day, Grey Fox, Coyote get up. Go hunt. Not many animals. Winter. Hard find food. Come home. Neither have food. Next day ..same. Next day .. same. Next day .. same. Grey Fox, Coyote get weak and tired. One day Grey Fox go further in woods. See tracks. Hmm!.. Strange tracks, not animal tracks. Hmm.. look close. Man tracks. […] Read More

Skunk Outwits Coyote

Native American Lore Coyote was going along one day, feeling very hungry, when he met up with Skunk. “Hello, brother,” Coyote greeted him. “You look hungry and so am I.   If I lead the way, will you join me in a trick to get something to eat?” “I will do whatever you propose,” said Skunk. “A prairie dog village is just over that hill. You go over there and lie down and play dead. I’ll come along later and say to the prairie dogs, ‘Come, let us have a dance over the body of our dead enemy.’ “ Skunk wondered how they would ever get anything to eat by playing dead and dancing. “Why should I do this?” he asked. “Go on,” Coyote said. “Puff yourself up and play dead.” Skunk went on to the prairie dog village and pretended to be dead. After a while Coyote came […] Read More