2006: Scientific research, Cherokee tales of ‘little people’ give clues about our world

Steve Hammons July 31, 2006 Some modern physics research includes examination of interesting ideas such as unseen dimensions within our universe separated by subtle and discreet boundaries sometimes referred to as “branes.” The term “multiverse,” a universe with many dimensions, has even been used to describe these kinds of ideas. In some ways, this view of the universe is similar to the longstanding beliefs in many human cultures that there are unique veils that separate our normal world and other realities, dimensions and beings in nature. Accounts of seeing things and beings suddenly appear out of thin air are not new. There have been many reports of such phenomena. These incidents sometimes may be described as the appearance of angels or supernatural beings. Other beings who appear from nowhere are sometimes said to be loved ones who have passed on. In the 1989 movie “Field of Dreams” starring Kevin […] Read More