1920s: Hendershot Magnetic Motor

W. Beaty In the 1920’s Lester Hendershot, in working on a new type of aviation compass, stumbled across a method of generating energy. The “Hendershot magnetic motor” made headlines and attracted such big-name investors as Charles Lindberg. Hendershot ran into political difficulties in promoting his device, attempted to take his business to Mexico, and finally faded into obscurity having taken a “couldn’t refuse” payoff to never work on his device again. Hendershot believed that his device was not “perpetual motion”, but instead was tapping into the earth’s magnetic field and rotation for an energy source. The Hendershot Device is a self-acting oscillator. It consists of a pair of large air-core coils in “basket weave” format, hand-made cylindrical capacitors inside the coils, several high-value capacitors, a couple of standard transformers, and a permanent-magnet “buzzer” as a regulator. The two large coils are tuned to resonate together. The device generated an […] Read More

2012: Energy-sucking Radio Antennas

N. Tesla’s Power Receiver Here’s something that has always bugged me: light waves are about 5000 Angstroms in wavelength, while atoms are more like 1 Angstrom across. Atoms are thousands of times smaller than light waves, yet atoms obviously interact very strongly with light. How can they do this? Perhaps they get around the problem by employing Quantum Mechanics (photon-physics rather than EM waves?) There must be some explanation. After all, when a metal dipole antenna is only one foot long, it certainly cannot absorb much 5000ft-wave radiation. I never encountered a good explanation for this during my physics education. I finally found a couple of physics papers that make things clear. And it’s not QM that solves the problem. It turns out that the real explanation is both little-known and fascinating. PERPETUAL MOTION?!! Strangely, several people have made the mistaken assumption that this article is about a perpetual […] Read More

2012: Aetheric Coronal Elements: ACE

There is a mystery in the corona of the sun. The surface of the sun is about 8000 degrees F. About 100,000 miles above the surface the temperature is over a million degrees. This is the corona and the photosphere from which most of the solar heat and light is received on Earth. There are a number of theories regarding magnetic convection of energy from the sun to the corona as surface radiation cannot account for the heat transfer, but the convection theory falls apart when the overall heat budget is considered. There is too much energy in the corona. As most of the heat and light arriving on Earth comes from the area of the corona in the middle of the face of the sun or the direct line between the core of the sun and the Earth then there is a possible transfer of energy of the […] Read More