2001: Doomsday Blueprints

By Adam Young Posted on 7/26/2001 In Time magazine’s August 10, 1992, issue, Ted Gup reported on newly disclosed plans that the federal government had developed for salvaging the state in the event of a nuclear attack on the United States by the Soviet Union. “Though the Soviet Union is gone,” the story went, “Washington was once convinced that World War III could break out without warning . . . and in case of nuclear attack the U.S. government hoped to save the President and keep the country running by relying on THE DOOMSDAY BLUEPRINTS.” If “doomsday” had arrived, a president running the country from the top down would have added mass starvation and social extinction to the mass devastation of nuclear war.The doomsday planners of the ’50s envisioned a post-apocalyptic urban America largely in ruins and darkened under the breakdown of private-sector and governmental services and the imposition […] Read More