Imminent Emergency? FEMA Makes “Urgent Requirement” Request for Five Million Bottles Of Water

This article was written by Daisy Luther and originally published on The Organic Prepper. Editor’s Comment: While we don’t know what the emergency is here, and there is no way of knowing if any sinister motives are involved in a simple request for water, it is evident enough that society is at its breaking point, and literally dozens of factors could send the system into collapse at virtually a moment’s notice. What is happening? What may happen that would necessitate FEMA’s intervention? Just to start the conversation, there is: severe weather, including record floods in Louisiana; tension of the presidential elections; riots and protests designed to clash with police and escalate racial tensions; the fragile economy, with its storm clouds threatening to drench the entire globe in crisis. Maybe nothing will happening, but there is a very real chance that something bigger is headed down the pipe. What do […] Read More

Hillary Attempts to Reassure Voters that She Is Not Satan… Twice

While Republicans are busy beating the war drums in GOP debates, Hillary Clinton is apparently having to tend to important matters of her own. Like reassuring voters that no, she is not Satan. At least, that’s what she claims. Via the NY Post: WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton sought to set the record straight Wednesday – she’s not Satan. Campaigning in red-state Nebraska, the Democratic presidential front-runner encouraged a friendly audience of some 800 people to spread the word to their GOP friends. “First thing you can tell them, as best as you can tell looking [at me] under the lights, I don’t have horns,” Clinton said. As best we can tell under the lights? Is she saying we just need to shine a brighter spotlight on her because the horns are kinda small or they’re just blending in with her hair or something? Not once, but twice Hillary had to reassure […] Read More

7 Most Absurd Instances of GOP Fearmongering (ISIS Is Coming!)

Amid economic progress, the party’s candidates are looking to frighten voters in the coming elections. The GOP is scared its 2014 “wave” isn’t materializing, so it’s trying to scare voters. How? Pretty much with anything in the news cycle. By now the GOP was supposed to be well on its way to taking a solid Senate majority, along with another big chunk of the House. Things aren’t turning out that way: all the Senate races that were supposed to by settled by now instead remain neck and neck; the states the GOP was eyeing for expansion, like Minnesota, have turned back to the Democrats; and new vulnerable states like South Dakota and Kansas have opened up. To make matters worse, the standard bludgeons that the GOP used in 2010—namely spending and the economy—have been subsumed by progress. The unemployment rate has dipped below 6% in half the time Mitt […] Read More

As the World Burns, Our Political Class Whoops It Up with the Plutocracy

It’s party time, whether in Martha’s Vineyard or at the Kochs’ posh retreat in Southern California. There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart, a poet wrote, and as this year’s summer winds toward its end and elections approach, gratitude is indeed what our politicians have flowing from that space where their hearts should be. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is grateful to his friend Rick Anderson, the CEO of Delta Airlines. In late July, a week after McConnell treated him to breakfast in the Senate Dining Room, checks for McConnell’s super PAC came winging their way from Anderson and his wife, as well as Delta’s political action committee. “This is the kind of rare access that most of us will never experience.” That’s Sheila Krumholz, executive director the Center for Responsive Politics, the campaign finance watchdog. She was talking to National Journal about Delta’s boss dining in first class with […] Read More

2005: Can We Call the 2000 & 2004 Elections a Coup Yet?

How much evidence is required before a human being acknowledges that a crime has been committed? Each day brings to us new information about “voting irregularities” during the 2000, 2002 and 2004 elections. Mark Crispin Miller has written an entire book outlining the evidence of a stolen election for us. Brad Freedman of reports election fraud related news virtually every day. Yet people walk around as if we are living in a “politics as usual” environment! The current leadership, all of the executive and much of the legislative, are enemies domestic. They are invaders who have taken over our government by illegal means. This is not a matter of political differences. This is a matter of a stolen democracy. These people stole America from us and most people don’t even care! The latest little piece of evidence indicating Bush administration involvement in election fraud came out yesterday and […] Read More