1996: Overhead Power Lines and Electric Fields Can Kill

Perhaps the most dangerous, damaging form of pollution facing Americans every minute of every day is invisible, soundless, and cannot be touched or felt. It is electromagnetic field radiation (EMF) and it is emanating from virtually every single electrical appliance, computer, electric wire, and especially high voltage lines (overhead and buried), which are carrying current. EMF is specifically causing cancer in children and in older adults and may be triggering countless other immune deficiency and psychological diseases and disorders in anyone in close proximity. Make no mistake about it: electric fields are bad news for your health and can be killers. The government of Sweden funded an official, massive study of the effects of electric fields from overhead power lines on 500,000 people over a period of 25 years and found overwhelming evidence that electric fields generated cancer in children at 4 times the normal rate and tripled the […] Read More

2013: Detecting Biodynamic Signals

by Michael Theroux The catalog of these pursuits is indeed a long one and can by no means be completed here, but we will attempt to cover historically those researches which warrant our attention, based on the value of the attained results. We will also include research currently being done by BSRF and others. The means to detect communications and energies which exist outside of the electromagnetic spectrum has been an enduring quest of qualitative researchers for many years. Much evidence indicates that specific communications and energies DO exist outside the conventional electromagnetic spectrum of which our finest examples may be found in the sciences of radionics, homeopathy, dowsing, radiesthesia, and etheric engineering to name a few. While conventional modes of discovering these “biodynamic” signals has in the past relied on the human subject as an integral component of detection, we are concerned here with what has been referred […] Read More

2012: Energy-sucking Radio Antennas

N. Tesla’s Power Receiver Here’s something that has always bugged me: light waves are about 5000 Angstroms in wavelength, while atoms are more like 1 Angstrom across. Atoms are thousands of times smaller than light waves, yet atoms obviously interact very strongly with light. How can they do this? Perhaps they get around the problem by employing Quantum Mechanics (photon-physics rather than EM waves?) There must be some explanation. After all, when a metal dipole antenna is only one foot long, it certainly cannot absorb much 5000ft-wave radiation. I never encountered a good explanation for this during my physics education. I finally found a couple of physics papers that make things clear. And it’s not QM that solves the problem. It turns out that the real explanation is both little-known and fascinating. PERPETUAL MOTION?!! Strangely, several people have made the mistaken assumption that this article is about a perpetual […] Read More

2012: Did Ancient Humans Have Knowledge of the Electromagnetic (EM) Spectrum?

By Glenn Kreisberg, Radio Frequency (RF) Spectrum Engineer Its been suggested, at various times, that ancient humans had knowledge and use of unseen powers, forces and energy fields. Could these unseen forces and fields consist of electromagnetic frequency waves and particle fields that make up the EM Spectrum? This is not a simple question to answer. What evidence exists, and what kind of evidence may come to light, to support such a claim? There is no question, that as it has always existed, the EM Spectrum is a naturally occurring part of our environment, comprised of a continuous sequence of electromagnetic energy arranged according to wavelength or frequency, as generated by particle motion (vibrations) and pulses created from many sources. There is also no doubt that many ancient cultures had a connection with nature and natural forces that was fundamental and could only be described as intimate and profound […] Read More