2000?: Frequently Asked Questions concerning The Ancient Elements of Nature

Q-001: What are the ancient “elements of nature”? Earth, Water, Air, and Fire are the generally known and often quoted ancient elements of nature, within which, and through which, life (including humanity) has prevailed and evolved. Q-002: Are there any other “elements of nature”? YES. In addition, and behind the terrestrially manifest elements of nature it is recorded that in many of the ancient traditions and recorded writings there is a reference to the fifth element of nature – the quitessence. The name given to the celestial or heavenly or cosmic “element of nature” under the ancient European sun, is the Aether. On the life of Plato, Xenocrates writes: “Thus he then classified living creatures into genera and species, and divided them in every way until he came to their elements, which he called the five shapes and bodies, either, fire, water, earth, and air.” The name given to the celestial or heavenly […] Read More