Hawaii Moves One Step Closer to Declaring Sovereignty from U.S. Government

Honolulu, HI — This week, Native Hawaiians initiated an historical election that may grant them sovereignty from the United States and the state of Hawaii, itself, after well over a century of colonial rule. More than 95,000 indigenous people will elect delegates to a constitutional convention, scheduled for this winter, when they will work to create a government that serves and represents Native Hawaiians — the only group of indigenous people in the United States currently restricted from forming their own government. In the 19th century, European and American missionaries and traders began settling in Hawaii. They quickly formed a political movement and succeeded in transferring power from the king to his cabinet and the legislature. Though they drafted a new constitution limiting the king’s control, they also limited the voting rights of Asians and Native Hawaiians while granting that right to wealthy non-citizens. When the king died and his […] Read More

Anna Mae Pictou Aquash

” I am a part of this Creation as you are, no more and no less than each and every one of you within the sound of my voice. I am the generation of generations before me and the generations to come… If I have gone against this Creation… no man on this Universe holds the power to punish me other than the Creator himself……. You are continuing to control my life with your violent, materialistic needs. I do realize your need to survive and be a part of this Creation… but you do not understand mine… I have traveled through this country and I have observed your undisciplined military servants provoke those who rights are the same as yours…. I am not a citizen of the United States or a ward of the Federal Government, neither am I a ward of the Canadian government. I have a right […] Read More

2009: House Resoulution 45. This Bill Will Make Law Abiding Citizens into Criminals.

The Blair Holt’s Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act (H.R. 45) is a bill pending in the 111th United States Congress. The bill was introduced on January 6, 2009 by Representative Bobby Rush of Illinois. In 1969, Bobby Rush, co-founder of the Illinois Black Panther Party, served six months in prison for felony possession of firearms. The main objective of the bill is to provide for stricter Gun Control. A person would be prohibited by law from possessing a firearm unless approved by a state-run system or having been issued a license that would have to be renewed every five years within thirty days of the expiration date. The Attorney General would set up a tracking system of all sales with dealers having to be licensed. Production figures of each licensed manufacturer would be made public. If passed, the bill would require all current handgun and semi-automatic firearms […] Read More

We Must Stand Against This New World Order???; The Threat is Real

By Timothy V. GattoAll of us in this country are finally starting to realize that George W. Bush and his right wing, corporate controlled, allies with their grandiose view of military dominance but not backed up by any actual military experience has brought this nation to what can only be described as the lowest point in our history. At no other time since we became an independent nation have we been so reviled by the people of the world. Americans themselves are ashamed of their own country except for the quarter of our population that believe America can do no wrong, if for no other reason than that we are America. This is the 25% that are ethno-centric, or people that dont bother to actually read anything besides their local paper and have their televisions permanently pegged to FOX News. My country right or wrong, my country, is the […] Read More