Cheney, Rothschild, and Fox News’ Murdoch to Drill for Oil in Syria, Violating International Law

While Syria is torn apart by the warring of U.S. imperialists and Islamic fundamentalists—leaving its children to die of starvation—another country plans to take advantage of the chaos by stealing resources from Syria’s southern region. The theft will be carried out by the most notorious pushers of military hegemony, and they don’t care that it violates international law. Genie Energy is an American-based oil and gas company with major investors and advisors comprising a who’s who list of war profiteers—Dick Cheney, Rupert Murdoch, Lord Jacob Rothschild, and James Woolsey. The president of their Israeli subsidiary is Efraim “Effi” Eitam, an Israeli military commander who called for expelling the “cancer” of Arabs from Israel. Together, these warmongers and would-be ethnic cleansers will soon be drilling into a vast oil and gas reserve located in the Syrian territory occupied by Israel since 1967, known as Golan Heights. The move would be […] Read More

Why Are Conservatives Such Whiny Crybabies?

From Fox News to angry police, the right’s stock-in-trade is predictable and lame. Over the years, Salon columnist Heather “Digby” Parton has written repeatedly about GOP/conservative hissy fits, most notably in her 2007 classic, ‘The Art of the Hissy Fit,’ where she noted that, “the right’s successful use of phony sanctimony and faux outrage…often succeeded in changing the dialogue and titillating the media into a frenzy of breathless tabloid coverage.”  It first caught her attention in the late ’90s, when top GOP adulterers Newt Gingrich and Bob Livingston  ”pretended to be offended at the president’s extramarital affair” as well as being outraged that Democrats raised campaign money just like they did. It worked so well, she observed, “that they now rely on it as their first choice to control the political dialogue when it becomes uncomfortable and put the Democrats on the defensive whenever they are winning the day.” Which […] Read More

7 Asinine Right-Wing Moments This Week: Celebrities Get As Vile As Politicians

Wingnuts run amok, with their nonsense and victim-blaming, 1. CeeLo Green tweets: ‘It’s only rape if she remembers it.’ Former Voice coach and performer CeeLo Green is very, very confused about consent. Confused as in Todd Akin “legitimate rape” confused. This week, Green made a series of ill-advised tweets, including “If someone is passed out they’re not even WITH you consciously. So WITH Implies consent,” and, “People who have really been raped REMEMBER!!!” The tweets were connected to a criminal case in which Green is accused of slipping ecstasy to a woman on a date without her consent. He has pleaded no contest to those charges, but he has not been formally charged with rape. So, let’s review how deeply offensive —and weirdly passive-aggressive—his tweets are. There’s the obvious nonsense about it being okay to rape unconscious people. Then there’s the fact that, if this particular woman does not […] Read More