Black Magic in Science

    . . . Commence research where modern conjecture closes its faithless wings (Bulwer’s Zanoni).     The flat denial of yesterday has become the scientific axiom of to-day (Common Sense Aphorisms). Thousands of years ago the Phrygian Dactyls, the initiated priests, spoken of as the “magicians and exorcists of sickness,” healed diseases by magnetic processes. It was claimed that they had obtained these curative powers from the powerful breath of Cybele, the many-breasted goddess, the daughter of Cœlus and Terra. Indeed, her genealogy and the myths attached to it show Cybele as the personification and type of the vital essence, whose source was located by the ancients between the Earth and the starry sky, and who was regarded as the very fons vitæ of all that lives and breathes. The mountain air being placed nearer to that fount fortifies health and prolongs man’s existence; hence, Cybele’s life, as an infant, is […] Read More

1881: Hypnotism

The views of medical men in regard to hypnotism or self-mesmerization have been greatly strengthened of late. This is evident from the report by Dr. Grishhorn, of St. Petersburg, at the latest meeting of the Society of the St. Petersburg Physicians, on November 18th (Dec. 1st), a report which is full of interest. Until recently, the phenomena of hypnotism have been on]y accepted under a quasi protest, while mesmerism and clairvoyance were regarded and denounced by the best authorities in science as pure charlatanism. The greatest physicians remained sceptical as to the reality of the phenomena, until one after the other came to learn better; and these were those, of course, who had the patience to devote some time and labour to personal experiment in this direction. Still many have thus acquired the profound conviction that there exists in man a faculty – mysterious and yet unexplained – which […] Read More

The Cycle Moveth

Let the great world spin for ever down the ringing grooves of change. –TENNYSON The goal of yesterday will be the starting- point of to-morrow. –CARLYLE The great mystic of the eighteenth century, the ardent disciple of Jacob Boehme – Louis Claude de Saint Martin – used to say in the last years of his life: “I would have loved to meet more with those who guess at truths, for such alone are living men.” This remark implies that, outside the limited circle of mystics which has existed in every age, people endowed with correct psychic intuition were still fewer at the end of the last century than they are now. These were, indeed, years of complete soul-blindness and spiritual drought. It is during that century that the chaotic darkness and Babylonish confusion with regard to spiritual things, which have ever reigned in brains too crammed with mere scientific […] Read More