The Lost Home Owner: “Soaring House Prices And Lack of Decently Paid Jobs” Affect Young

If it seems like the youngest generation of adults are missing out on starting their lives, and becoming real grown-ups… it might be because they are. And despite what you might be thinking, it’s not just a case of fixation on vapid social media, cultural decline or laziness among millenials that is to blame. There is definitely a problem with the economic realities of the day that is making a major contribution to this growing problem as well. The destruction of opportunity has been perhaps the biggest consequence of the economic crisis of 2008, and it continues to undermine the majority of Americans. Housing and rent prices have soared, along with other sharp increases in the cost of living. Meanwhile, student loan debt has been absolutely crushing (and threatens to topple the economic system once again) and college graduates have been mismatched with a severe shortage of good jobs […] Read More

Deru’s ‘The Future Never Comes’: The Strange Loop of Techno-Anxiety

Image: Deru/Tim Navis What we know for sure is that what comes next is going to be huge and nothing will ever be the same again. This statement, possibly the dominant sentiment of the post-industrial world, is what it means to be defined by technology: neverending expectation, the assurance that this here now is insufficient, a mere stepping stone to the real future‘s future. It’s a perfect strange loop: as we progress upward through hierarchies of new and better technology, we’re also conditioned by that same new and better technology to anticipate the next wave of new and better. The real future is always just over the horizon and it’s such that we’re rarely impressed by anything, no matter how much things actually change and move forward within technology. There is no techno-future, just a dull yet anxiety-inducing present. It’s like a Sheperd tone, a small set of static […] Read More

1996: The Dark and the Light Sides of the Explorer Race

[The Sinister Secret Government, Organized Crime, Interference in Medicine, HAARP Project & Mars Satellites] by Zoosh through Robert Shapiro November 30, 1996 I’m going to talk about something current. The intentions of those supporters who are here from the light is to spread the light around from the higher dimensions to connect you more thoroughly with your future light-selves and repair some of the damage done to your personalities from conflicts and struggles here on Earth. Conversely, the sinister secret government, working from the dimmer side of things, is attempting to put as much wealth and power as they can afford into the hands of various individuals from different races and nationalities and in as many neighborhoods, geographic areas and so on as possible, with the intention of creating an artificial attachment to the outcome of things so they can spread their manners, mores and values to as many […] Read More

Time Lines

How They Operate by Nicki INTRODUCTORY NOTE This idea of ‘selves’ positioned in the future apparently isn’t new, others have experienced them. I’ve not had a variation in perception of the events described below to date, though have from time to time had brief experiences of other possible future times that had the potential to manifest, if other factors reinforced it e.g. decisions by others. But they only appeared in lucid dreams. There appears to be a place in the inner worlds that will produce and transmit to us an instant ‘outcome’ of various decisions, rather like a computer would process causative data and give a result. Though it is probably a good thing to anticipate the events which ARE preordained and aren’t subjected to other’s influences. Sometimes in a very hypersensitive mood, I have thought about a possibility and instantly the results of it have manifested in my […] Read More

Company Creates Robotic Toddler to Help Us Like Our Future Overlords

Across the globe from the uncanny valley that is Diego-san’s facial expressions, the University of Zurich’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory making another weird foray into the creation of a robot toddler. Roboy is being developing with the help of crowd-funding,, sponsorships and almost 40 engineers and scientists. Just like its weaker, fleshy, real-life inspiration, Roboy’s design gestation is going to take about 9 months to full completion. Roboy is being developed to ease people into actually living with robots and not being creeped out by them. Roboy’s face was chosen during a Facebook contest. Its body is made entirely of plastic and will be covered with a fleshy, rubber-like material to simulate skin. Unlike typical robot movement mechanisms, Roboy will feature elastic cables pulled by motors in order to provide movement more human-like and less bad robot-dance-like. Part of Roboy’s mission is to help build a bridge across the uncanny […] Read More

The Big Secret and The Education of our Soul

~ Behave as if you are the world and everybody in it ~ The Big Secret on earth is – that mankind is not in control of itself. There are Alien and Secret Forces of a higher density that have great influence over Mankind! These Fourth Density and Fifth Density Alien Beings, in combination with certain World Governments and their Departments as well as other Organizations, make sure that certain happenings take place on earth. These Forces are in control of all major Governments and form the Actual Force in command of all major events on earth. The Forces on planet earth are represented by the NWO or the Illuminati… They rule the world and they are behind happenings like the 911 WTC destruction and other world events. These events change the Collective Awareness Level of Humanity and in the long run all major changes are beneficial to the […] Read More

Live Forever – Uploading The Human Brain… Closer Than You Think

By Raymond Kurzweil, PhD to Implant 4: OnNet, please. Hundreds of shimmering thumbnail images mist into view, spread fairly evenly across the entire field of pseudovision. Thought: Zoom upper left, higher, into Winston’s image. Transmit: It’s Nellie. Let’s connect and chat over croissants. Rue des Enfants, Paris in the spring, our favorite table, yes? Four-second pause. Background thought: Damn it. What’s taking him so long? Receive: I’m here, ma chêre, I’m here! Let’s do it! The thumbnail field mists away, and a café scene swirls into place. Scent of honeysuckle. Paté. Wine. Light breeze. Nellie is seated at a quaint table with a plain white tablecloth. An image of Winston looking 20 and buff mists in across from her. Message thumbnails occasionally blink against the sky. Winston: It’s so good to see you again, ma chêre! It’s been months! And what a gorgeous choice of bodies! The eyes are […] Read More

Dr Chet Snow’s Earth Change Map

  AMERICA IN THE NEW MILLENNIUM After the major Earth Changes 1998-2012 AD as foreseen in Mass Dreams of the Future by Dr. Chet B. Snow Related articles How Badly Is Fukushima Radiation Damaging the Pacific Ocean? Dysfunctional America How Badly Is Fukushima Radiation Damaging the Pacific Ocean? 1951: Unknown Date Icahn, Soros, Druckenmiller, And Now Zell: The Billionaires Are All Quietly Preparing For The Plunge UFO Contact from the Pleiades – Chapter 5f

2012: My Journeys into the Future and the Great Harvest of Souls

by Tom Smith After having read all the changes and potential changes to the Earth, many may feel it is time to “get out of Dodge”. Many will do just that, as they have chosen these times to make their transition. But many more will remain to be an integral part of the changes. Actually, all of us are part of the changes. Whether you believe it or not, we have all “signed on” for this adventure, for as many reasons as there are humans. In the channeling of July 15, 1992, the Sun God mentioned that I and others have traveled into the future. Indeed, I have been privileged to have taken such journeys, and have seen us leave the Earth to live elsewhere. I have seen some of what is ahead for the Earth and humankind. I have been allowed to see the Master Plan in motion. […] Read More