Oliver Stone lashes out at Pokemon Go

Director Oliver Stone used a presentation of his upcoming film about Edward Snowden as an opportunity to speak out against the augmented-reality mobile game Pokemon Go, which has been downloaded more than 30 million times in a fortnight. “It’s not really funny. What’s happening is a new level of invasion,” said the 69-year-old director at Comic Con in San Diego, referring to the app, which requires players to physically walk to different places to capture the precious Pokemon. According to Stone, while users are playing an innocent game, digital companies are collecting invaluable personal data. “The profits are enormous here for places like Google. They’ve invested a huge amount of money in data mining – what you are buying, what you like, your behavior,” said Stone, whose film, titled Snowden, comes out in September. “It’s what some people call surveillance capitalism,” said Stone, who is famous for his films […] Read More

The Seven Clans of the Cherokee

From ancient times the number seven was sacred to the Cherokee People. Consequently, as nomadic tribes wandering the North Ameriacan continent began to settle down and take on distinctive characteristics of place, name, language and customs. It was only natural and logical that the basic arrangment of Cherokee social, religious and political life would develope into a structure of seven clans. The Seven Cherokee Clans: BLUE (A NI SA HO NIJ) The people of the blue clan made a medicine from a bluish colored plant to keep the children well. Sometimes known as the Panther, or Wild Cat Clan. LONG HAIR ( A NI GI LO HI ) Also known as The Twister, Hair Hanging Down or Wind Clan. They wore their hair in elaborate hairdos, walked in a proud and vain manner twisting their shoulders. The Peace Chief was usually from this clan. BIRD (A NI TSI S […] Read More