CHAPTER IV THE CREATION VIGNETTES FROM THE SACRED WRITINGS OF MU.– Fig. 1. Fine, straight, horizontal lines. Symbol for Space. Fig. 2. Symbolizing the Seven-headed Serpent as the Deity moving through Space. The surrounding circle is the symbol for the Universe. Fig. 3. Wavy horizontal lines symbolize Earthly Waters. Fig. 4. The Circle. The monotheistic symbol of the Deity. Fig. 5. The Plain Cross. Symbol of the Sacred Four. The Four Great Primary Forces coming direct from the Almighty. Fig. 6. The full Godhead of Five. The Deity and his Four Great Primary and Creative Forces. Fig. 7. Lahun. The dual principle of the Creator. Fig. 8. The Fires of the Underneath. The Earth’s Center. Fig. 9. Vertical, fine, dotted lines from the Sun symbolize the Sun’s affinitive Forces to the Earth’s Light Forces. p. 88 Fig. 10. Vertical, fine, straight lines from the Sun, symbolize the Sun’s affinitive […] Read More