2018: George Soros Was Exposed As A Rothschild Agent in 1996

The dossier that follows is based upon a report released on Oct. 1, 1996 by EIR’s bureau in Wiesbaden, Germany, titled “A Profile of Mega-Speculator George Soros.” Research was contributed by Mark Burdman, Elisabeth Hellenbroich, Paolo Raimondi, and Scott Thompson. by author William Engdahl Time magazine has characterized financier George Soros as a “modern-day Robin Hood,” who robs from the rich to give to the poor countries of eastern Europe and Russia. It claimed that Soros makes huge financial gains by speculating against western central banks, in order to use his profits to help the emerging post-communist economies of eastern Europe and former Soviet Union, to assist them to create what he calls an “Open Society.” The Time statement is entirely accurate in the first part, and entirely inaccurate in the second. He robs from rich western countries, and uses his profits to rob even more savagely from the […] Read More

Soros Hack: Top 10 Machinations of a NWO Master Manipulator

The recent Soros hack – the hacking and release of 2500+ emails and documents release by DCLeaks – shows black-and-white proof of the machinations, manipulations and massively long reach of Hungarian-born Jew, multi-billionaire, top Hillary Clinton donor, arch manipulator and big-time New World Order insider George Soros. The MSM is ignoring the Soros hack, which is to be expected, but those coming to it with little or no knowledge of the man will be blown away by the extent to which Soros directs world affairs. This man is extremely influential and deserves to be focused upon in the same way that the Rockefellers and Rothschilds have been. He has been behind some extremely important political movements in the US (e.g. BLM or Black Lives Matter) and geopolitical events around the world (e.g. the US-funded Ukrainian coup which installed a Neo-Nazi puppet government). Soros’ favorite method is to fund color […] Read More

1999: Shaul Eisenberg

While doing some petitioning work a few years back , I ran into a fascinating person who knew much about the new world order. I was just learning about the Freemen and George Soros and several other things, and we had some brief conversation. I have received several e-mails from this person, and they have had interesting and what appears to be “valueable” information. They are all reproduced as follows : Hi Josh I am the person you met at the store, who knew Shul Eisenberg. You left some things out of your Masonic stuff Under 3 You forgot the Triads of China-Tong, Black Hand, Kung fu, Falundafa-Triads mean Heaven-Earth-Man. Under 13 you forgot the key to everything-There is 13 Lunar Months. The lunar calendar must be correlated to the solar calendar to correctly understand space/time. This has been done since Babylon. The holiday is familiar to many of […] Read More