2018: Unexplained ‘Glitch’ While Driving Home

“My husband was in a rehabilitation center for physical therapy, following triple bypass heart surgery. The rehab was 2 towns away from my house. One night when I was leaving the rehab, I took the longer route home because it was more brightly lit. The shorter route was dark with no street lights, and I didn’t like traveling that route after dark. So, I was driving the long, brightly lit route, when a car in front of me pulled to the side of the road and let me pass by. But strangely, as soon as I passed the car, it immediately pulled out and began following me – closely! – with high beams. Just then, I crossed the border into the next town. There are many stores, restaurants and a hotel in that area so the lights are even brighter there. But suddenly… everything on the road went black, […] Read More