The Psychopathy of Greed

Zen Gardner, Guest I always find it interesting that people blame corporate greed for our overall condition. Sure it’s a major factor at one level, but it’s just an obvious outcropping of something much, much deeper. Sadly not that many are willing to go there. That the entire world system is built on a capitalist system in one form or another is mind boggling. Defying our innate conscious awareness to the contrary, the signal has been given and repeatedly endorsed as well as crassly promoted that we need to gain off of each other, in each and every transaction, every exchange, in a no holds barred, dog eat dog environment. One look at the marketing world and you get the picture. And the supposed “fittest” come out on top. This is how and why the populace acquiesces to domination by the few. “They’re just good at what they do. […] Read More

It All Goes Back in the Box

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4 Ways Greedy Capitalists Rig the System to Profit Off Our Misery

Each of us is a source of profit, as long as we rent or own, save a little money, and drink water. The profit motive fogs the thinking of free-market advocates. The Economist gushes, “Take a bow, capitalism…the biggest poverty-reduction measure of all is liberalising markets to let poor people get richer.” Forbes proclaims its belief in “the unmatched power of capitalism to improve human life.” Self-indulgent capitalists have turned much of America against its own best interests by promoting a winner-take-all philosophy that reaps great rewards for a few people at the expense of everyone else. To the neoliberal, vital human needs like health and education are products to be bought and sold. Here are some other examples of greed and the pain it causes. Water  The city of Detroit, which is positioned next to the greatest supply of fresh water between the polar ice caps, has lost its access to water because of bad financial deals that have left […] Read More