1995: Concepts Underlying The New Age Culture Shift – From A Christian Perspective

By Willy Peterson These are among the multitudes of concepts that are important in the development of a New Age culture shift. Here is an explanation (or an excuse for such) of some of the post-modernist spin-offs of New Age philosophy. First understand that New Age is far too extensive in a comprehensive undertaking to do it justice in under a few thousand pages. So we are left with crass generalizations. Hopefully we do it adequately so as not to incorrectly characterize any particular facets of the movement. If you are already familiar with the terms, you can save time by glossing over the definitions. I like to think of new agers in two camps; social new agers who simply go along with the drift of social change, and true disciples of “light”, the New Age Proper, or students of the “Ageless Wisdom” taught by Alice Bailey. Yes, there […] Read More

2012: Rakshasha Influence: Make The Connection

So often nowadays, we experience how Western-oriented Hindus, specifically the scientific community and academic community, criticize traditional Vedic dharma in the name of secularism and progress. Westernized Hindus espouse not only Western intellectual thought, but they are popular Western culture as well; this is especially true since the insertion of radio into even small, countryside villages and since the advent of television. It seems as if an element of India’s own population is undermining its own culture from within, almost as if it were some kind of fifth column against its own, dharmic culture. On the surface, this tendency seems simply to be brought about by the onslaught of foreign culture as history has recorded it; first by the Muslim invasions, later by the British, and now by globalization and telecommunication. But if we scratch the surface a little, we might find a deeper, more remote cause. A nice […] Read More