New Research Shows Ties Between Associated Press And Nazis

By: Derrick Broze, Activist Post | A historian has published a new article revealing that the Associated Press news agency cooperated with Hitler’s Nazi regime during the 1930s, allowing the Nazi propaganda ministry to select material for publication. Hitler’s Nazi party came to power in 1933 in Germany and quickly worked to limit and ban press that painted the party in an unfavorable light. Many national and international media outlets were forced to close after coming under attack from Nazi sympathizers. The Associated Press would be the only Western news agency open in Hitler’s Third Reich, until the U.S. officially entered the war in 1941. During that time period, the AP was the only source for information related to Hitler’s brutal genocide. Historian Harriet Scharnberg has published an article in the academic journal Studies in Contemporary History, stating that AP was only able to maintain access by entering into […] Read More

Hitler’s Death A Hoax? Historians Claim Hitler Escaped Germany

Source: The Express In allegations set to debunk one of the biggest slices of world history, Russia is also accused of hiding vital evidence proving the Fuhrer and his wife Eva Braun fled in disguise. Two corpses found after the Second World War reported to be those of Hitler and Braun were in fact murdered body doubles. The claims due to be aired in an explosive television expose tomorrow will blow wide open theories of what happened to the world’s most infamous mass murderers. The programme claims Hitler did not die at the end of the war and threatens to expose the foundation of post-Second World War history as nothing more than a tissue of “lies”. Official records hold the brutal dictator, shamed in defeat in April 1945, shot himself in the head in a bunker in Berlin while his wife took a lethal cyanide pill. But their bodies […] Read More

Why Alcoholism Is the Convenient Scapegoat in the “Jewish Center Killer” Story—Not the Culprit

Frazier Glenn Miller is a nationally known white supremacist, but the media decided to blame the bottle for his hate crime. The following story first appeared on  On the afternoon of Sunday, April 13, the eve of Passover, a news story broke about three fatal shootings outside two Jewish-related facilities in Overland Park, Kansas, and the subsequent arrest of a man identified as Frazier Glenn Miller, who yelled “Heil Hitler!” as the police car sped him away. Miller, 73, was not a lone wolf out of nowhere. He has been a nationally known fixture of the white-supremacist movement for decades. Once associated with a group of domestic terrorists called The Order, after a decade or so out of prison and the public eye he seemed in recent years to have settled down, even campaigning in 2010 for a Missouri senatorial seat. Despite garnering a mere handful of votes, Miller […] Read More

HITLER’S POSITIVE CHRISTIANITY…Unleashing the Patriotic Church

NEVER IN AMERICA? This article was written by one of German ancestry whose forebears on his mother’s side can be traced to Martin Luther himself; thence, the incessant interest in the rise of Adolf Hitler and, in particular (through years of research) the under girding support he derived in his ascendancy from the Christian religion in the heart of Europe. How could this possibly happen? Alas! Could we in America be as deceitfully predisposed to such a malevolent curse—driven by the same demons? Do we today witness camouflaged strategies designed to accomplish a greater horror of unimaginable consequence and upon Christendom of like vulnerability? The remotest thought of such an evil plot akin to what seduced the German people could somehow be foisted upon our beloved America boggles the senses . . . yet, each day, each month, the same cultural polarization eerily divides; the similitude of its military-industrial […] Read More


An article by Carl Oglesby William Shirer closed his 1960 masterpiece, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, with the judgment that the Nazi regime “had passed into history,”1 but we cannot be so confident today. On the contrary, the evidence as of 1990 is that World War II did not end as Shirer believed it did, That Nazism did not surrender unconditionally and disappear, that indeed it finessed a limited but crucial victory over the Allies, a victory no less significant for having been kept a secret from all but the few Americans who were directly involved. The Odessa and its Mission Hitler continued to rant of victory, but after Germany’s massive defeat in the battle of Stalingrad in mid-January 1943, the realists of the German General Staff (OKW) were all agreed that their game was lost. Defeat at Stalingrad meant, at a minimum, that Germany could […] Read More


From Ancient Rome to OKC By William F. Jasper From antiquity to modern times, history is replete with examples of ruthless and corrupt politicians who have shamelessly exploited and manipulated tragic events and the criminal acts of a few to advance their own lust for power. In cases too numerous to mention, tyrants and aspiring despots have gone even further, engaging agents provocateur to carry out assassinations, foment riots and rebellion, precipitate financial panics, attempt palace coups, feign foreign invasion, initiate acts of terrorism, and perform other infamous acts – all for the purpose of establishing a mass psychology of fear, a sense of “crisis,” of imminent danger requiring the government to suspend normal liberties and seize vast new powers to deal with the “emergency.” History records that, far too often, these “temporary” assumptions of power have given way to permanent brutal oppression, and to terror and mass murder […] Read More